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01/17 08:58

Now that we have a reason to save money, we are looking for someone who can share.
I am a male part-time worker for Arafo.
Since it is an apartment, please be a non-smoker if you are not noisy.
You can lend half of your closet space.
If you are worried, please contact me for details.
It is high …

01/14 16:15

Guidance of dormitory (separate rooms) or private rooms by gender.

Currently, only women's rooms are vacant, so the special price is 15,000 yen.
Men are 25,000.
Kotakemukaihara Station
It is 3 stations from Ikebukuro.
It is a 14-minute walk from Kotake Mukaihara Station.
It is …
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01/10 21:33
Single Room non-smoking

In February, I purchased a second-hand house in Machida.
I want to lend it because there is room on the second floor.
Foreigners are welcome because I want to be able to speak English and Chinese personally.
Smokers are not allowed because fires are afraid because the property cannot be rebuilt.

01/09 01:11
Single Room non-smoking

Apartment rent of 80,000 yen 2LDK in Maebashi, Gunma Prefecture.
I've been busy since my independence, I hardly return, so it's not worth it.
Regardless of gender and nationality, the age should be around 20-30 years of age.
If you do cleaning and washing occasionally, I can keep you …

01/06 09:46
Single Room non-smoking

10 minutes walk from Kitasenju Station.
1 minute walk to convenience store.
Coin laundry 2 seconds walk.
1 minute walk from post office.
JR Line, Hibiya Line, Chiyoda Line, Tsukuba Express, Tobu Tojo Line
It is a private room in Kitasenju that is convenient for daily life.
This is a small shar …

01/04 22:12
Single Room non-smoking

Hi guys. I am posting this to find a flatmate. We are living in Takinoi Funabashi Chiba. Our home have 3 Rooms, and big dining-kitchen. The new person would pay ¥40000 in the first month and ¥35000 from next month with the following included: electricity, water and internet. The person can use also …
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12/21 23:02
Single Room non-smoking

There are a total of 19 rooms in the Tsuruhashi and Momotani areas, 4 share houses.
All rooms with private room furniture with key, the nearest station is
This includes the JR Loop Line Momodani Station, the JR Loop Line Tsuruhashi Station, the Kintetsu Tsuruhashi Station, and the Sennichimae Line …
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12/20 20:05
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12/20 19:17
Single Room non-smoking

25 minutes walk from Honjo Station and Honjo Waseda Station.
5 minutes walk from bus stop.
Near Honjo High School.
An all-electric 5LLDDKK two-family house.
We will rent one room on the first floor and two rooms on the second floor.
(All rooms have keys)
Share: Living room, kitchen, bath, toi …
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12/16 16:00
Single Room non-smoking

Private rooms available for men, women and couples. Shared male/female dormitory rooms also available.
Located in the center of Osaka, close to shopping streets, restaurants and 3 subway lines, it is convenient to go anywhere in Osaka!
We are located on the Sakaisuji Road, 5 minutes on foot from N …
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