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10/08 04:06
Single Room Female only

hello,I am a female who lives with 3dogs and
a cat in my home.
I have a spare room so I accept a roommate who is a female likes dogs and cats.
There is located 15 minuites from Shikama station,10 minuites from a shopping mall etc...
If you need a parking you can contact the parking where is loca …

11/15 18:02
Single Room

・ Identification card
・ You can move in immediately.
Looking for: 6 tatami mats 20000 yen
Looking for: 5.5 tatami mats 15,000 yen
★ Equipment:
(Common area) Kitchen, intercom with monitor, TV, refrigerator, microwave oven, washing machine, tableware, etc.
(Indoor) Bed, desk, curtain, air condi …
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