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04/08 14:57
Single Room non-smoking

I live in 3LDK apartment in yokosuka and looking for roommate. 2 rooms are available.
My apartment located near by Yokosuka Chuo station (4 Min walk), Shiori Station (4 Min walk), Yokosuka Station JR line (5 Min walk)
It's pretty good location to commit Tokyo and Yokohama.
Monthly payment i …

03/27 23:11
Female only

We are looking for people who want to temporarily move in
The rooms will be in common
If you have any troubles, I will take counseling
Place Isezakicho Machi-machi Station 5 minutes on foot
Kannai station 10 minutes on foot …

03/22 19:07
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Designed and built as "Share House for Women"!
In addition, we can see the Yokohama Landmark Tower from the sunny 14.5 chome LDK and the view is good.
Summer fireworks festival is perfect as well.
3 stations from Hakuraku to Yokohama, about 4 minutes.
It is approximately 28 minutes to …
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03/05 14:02
Single Room non-smoking

Since I will launch a new share house at Yokosuka Central Station
We will recruit those members.

I want to do something unusual
I would like to have a different life from now
In the original life, I met people who do not have contacts,
I would like to make such a share house that I can find a …

02/21 14:23
Single Room non-smoking

go-getter's house [consciousness high system share house @ Saginuma]
This share house is cheap share house for the high consciousness is doing, which is aimed qualification of acquisition and venture, interns and residents.
Fulfilling environment for high conscious residents have been appoint …
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02/19 18:13
Single Room non-smoking

15 minutes on foot from JR Ninomiya Station (1 Km).
It is 450 meters from the bus stop.
To Odawara, it is 15 minutes by JR, 8 minutes by Hiratsuka, 40 minutes by Yokohama, and 1 hour and 13 minutes by Shinkansen Shinjuku Rapid Shinku line to Shinjuku.
It is a quiet town facing the sea of ​​Shonan …
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02/07 15:50
Single Room non-smoking

Looking for Sharemate

Location is the strongest!

Musashi Kosugi Station 6 minutes on foot.

Four routes available, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Shinagawa, Tokyo, Narita airport, Haneda airport, no transfers.

There is a convenience store, eating and drinking establishment within …
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02/06 20:12
Single Room non-smoking

It is convenient for students at Yokohama National University and workers at Yokohama Business Park.
It is 5 minutes on foot from Tennocho Station on Sotetsu Line and 12 minutes on foot from JR Hodogaya Station.
Second floor of Lions Mansion, 2 LDK apartment private room.
Living room, kitchen, ba …

04/22 15:40
Single Room non-smoking



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04/22 15:25

Yamato-shi Central 5-chome
Odakyu Enoshima line "Yamato" station 7 minutes on foot
7 minutes walk from "Yamato" station on Sotetsu Main Line
Newly built apartment June 2016!
You can immediately move in ☆
Three-story wooden building
1K Western-style room 22.44 m²
Rent ¥ 59, …
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