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11/23 19:35
Single Room non-smoking

Share house can be a stimulating exchange of information entrepreneurs to each other in everyday "entrepreneur share house" was OPEN to Kyoto Following the Tokyo!
For the special campaign, all of the rent of 56000 yen 99000 monthly 10000 yen OFF!

Soon even the students who will soon w …
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11/20 11:17
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

(Floor plan)
1st floor private room 1 room & kitchen, living pace, toilet, bathroom
2nd floor: 2 private rooms & private toilet & wash basin
(Rooms we are looking for)
Second floor
★ Japanese-style room [6 tatami mats (Kyoma) + closet in the corridor]
We are looking for people who …
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11/07 10:20
Single Room non-smoking

With furniture and appliances, no initial cost.
It's directly from the landlord and can be quite flexible.
4 minutes to Fukakusa on the Keihan Line and 5 minutes to Inari Station on the JR Nara Line.
It is idyllic along the hydrophobic side.
Below is the Kyomachiya Studio in front of Fushim …
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10/26 18:34
Single Room non-smoking
Female only


 観光スポット、公官庁、病院等 多数。
☆地下鉄:烏丸御池 徒歩9分 二条城前8分


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10/16 22:40
Single Room non-smoking

A bar counter living room, a toilet with a washlette, and a store door.
Do not worry even those with lots of luggage!
The room of this time is 6 tatamis of Western style room on the second floor and 6 tatami style of Japanese style room.
Pets are NG regardless of size.
Total number of residents …
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10/10 11:06
Single Room non-smoking

My name is Shibata from Mibu House!
Recommended for beginners of share houses!
We do not specialize in anything (music, pictures, photos, etc ...), so anyone can feel free to live and spread the exchange at their own pace!
People in their early twenties to mid thirties (students to working people …
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10/08 16:24
Single Room non-smoking

Hello (^ - ^) /
This is L & P Co., Ltd.
We are a temporary staffing company, but we have opened a share house for temporary staff.
Currently, Taiwanese, Germans, and Canadians who are on a working holiday live happily ☆ How about cross-cultural exchange while in Japan?
-A two-story r …
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10/04 11:34
株式会社 konekuto
Single Room non-smoking

A single-family house in Enmachi, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto.
8 minutes walk from JR Enmachi.
The bus stop is a 4-minute walk, and Randen/Kitano-Shiraumecho station is also within an 8-minute walk.
・Convenience store, large supermarket Izumiya Shiraumecho store, large consumer electronics retailer Edion, …
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09/27 12:38

We have some furnished apartments in north district in Kyoto. They are economical and cozy.

The small studio apartments are with a small kitchenette, bath and toilet. There is a small refrigerator and an air-conditioner in the apartment. They are not shared. The washing machine is in the common …

09/27 09:49
Single Room non-smoking

安全で静かな郊外住宅地にある2013年築の家の部屋を一部屋4万円(月額)でお貸しします。光熱費は居住者でシェアしてください。キッチン、ダイニングルームなどはお好きなようにお使いください。窓の多い明るい大きな家です。二階にあるベッドルームには庭に面してバルコニーがついています。ウォッシュレットのトイレと洗面所は、一階と二階の各階にあります。車の駐車可能(月5千円)。禁煙、ペット不可。独身の方のみ。ベッドあり。寝布団はご自分のものをお使いください。近鉄大久保駅まで徒歩で10分。立命館中・高学校行きのバス停まで徒歩4分。京都、奈良への便利なアクセス。植物公園や府立山城総合運動公園(太陽が丘)に近く、 …
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