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11/23 12:37
Single Room non-smoking

We are looking for tenants to share house!
It is a beautiful property with 10 sharehouses in all.
Current occupancy is 4 men 5 women
The age group is a wide range from 20s to 60s.
It is feeling at home.
There are a lot of drinking houses around Tateishi station, so I go out drinking wit …
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11/22 12:05
Single Room non-smoking

A unique share house in Asakusa, one of the friendliest neighborhoods in Tokyo.

634 is established for visitors from abroad holding a working holiday, working or student VISA in Japan. 634 is here to support their life in Japan. We offer a comfortable base and organize activities to help our resi …

11/21 20:05
Single Room non-smoking

My house is near Ikebukuro by 11 minutes by train and Shinjuku by 25 minutes by train.

I have three bedrooms two of the big bedrooms are vacancies, the Japanese tatami room is furnished and the big western room is empty, If your looking for short stay then I will recommend the tatami room minimum …

11/21 14:45

Thank you for seeing.
Also, please inform us if you already have a room and are looking for people living together.
First of all, it is the reason to share the room,
Though I have a familiar face in Tokyo, there are some concerns about living in Tokyo alone, what I want to live in as good a room …

11/21 06:08
Single Room
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11/02 22:34
Single Room non-smoking

Room number 2 is available now. (Just 1 room )
*I'm looking for people to stay more than 3 month.

It is located quiet residential area.

4 rooms of 6 mat sized floor and 1 room of 4.5 mat sized floor (Total 5 bed rooms)
+ shared kitchen, bath and two toilets (shower toilet)
(Each room …
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11/02 17:26
Female only

We are only looking for women.
This is a share house in Nishi Shinjuku!
What is the market share?
25,000 yen of utility fee included !!!
Free futon pillows available
Free Wi-Fi is also provided.
We do not receive any other fees.
Available immediately
Short term available
Please inquire by a …
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11/02 17:20
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10/29 04:16
Single Room non-smoking

Male 30 years old I live with 2 cats in 2LDK about 15 minutes on foot in Hachioji, Tokyo
I am currently occupying a room with tatami mats so I think I will lend it out
About 7 tatami
Below are conditions If you are interested please contact us if you would like
Age nothing
No nationa …

10/27 22:45
Single Room non-smoking
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