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08/16 23:14
Single Room non-smoking
Temporary moderated (Caution)
09/17 12:05
Single Room non-smoking

Nice to meet you
Thank you for watching the post.
I am a man in my twenties and I used to be a soccer player.
I wanted to keep my rent down and concentrate on studying and working.
If you can provide a private room within 20 minutes by bicycle from Shibuya, please contact us.
I was a soccer pla …

09/01 10:57
Female only

I've a 2DK in Futako Tamagawa, Setagaya. And my flatmate recently moved out. I'm looking for a new flatmate (preferably female). The house is fully setup with kitchen, fridge, washing machine and all the common furniture.

The room (in pictures) is available for single occupancy. I wor …

10/16 04:50

Location: Kita Shinjuku
Access to the Sobu Line, Chuo Line, Toei Oedo Line and three other lines at one station from Shinjuku is excellent access
The property is within 10 minutes from the station
There are many convenience stores, restaurants and large supermarkets nearby.
Area: 10 tatami mats …

10/05 19:16

23 This is a salaryman ~
Below are the conditions of people and homes
・ Within 1 hour by train from Shinagawa
・ Shisha is a hobby.
・ Within 10 minutes walk from the station
・ Within 15 years
I don't know how to write it for the first time, so it's about this now, but I will add it …
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10/19 23:17
Single Room non-smoking

Hi guys!
German and Japanese couples seeking share house for the kind of private room.

It would be nice close to shinjyuku station or easy to get there.

We are very friendly and use to living with someone:)

Cheers …

10/13 10:11
Single Room non-smoking

Urgently Need Room Near Tamachi Sta.
I am Oliver, permanent.
I need URGENTLY a private room in: apartment share, house share, near JR Tamachi, Mita, Shiba Koen, or Akabanebashi ...anything close, good and reasonable.
Best for me is share apartment with one person, preferably trustworthy female.

08/11 12:34
Single Room non-smoking

The room is fully private with a lock.
Cable TV, internet and furniture.
As it is an ordinary house, it is recommended for those who want to live in a calm atmosphere like living in their own home!
・ It is approximately 6 minutes on foot to Keio Electric Railway Inokashira Line Komaba Todaimae St …
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10/18 16:46
Single Room non-smoking

Rent per month: ¥64,000

Utility fee: ¥4,000-¥9,000/month

Deposit: ¥30,000 ( one time and refundable )

PRIVATE ROOM with Share toilet bathroom and kitchen
In a quiet residential area
Near Shibuya, shopping centre, restaurants, cafe, and many more

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09/10 16:11
Single Room non-smoking
Temporary moderated (Caution)


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