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05/19 20:25
Single Room non-smoking
Male only

Nice to meet you, Shinjuku in the share house that was renewed refurbishment in Shibuya-ku, Hatagaya, looking for a share house members of the men working in Shibuya.
Currently, is the middle of a renovation, you can visit.
You can move from around June.
With a cleaning service of common areas ev …

05/19 11:59
Single Room non-smoking


RENT : ¥90,000
UTILITY FEE : ¥10,000 (water, electricity, gas, high-speed internet)
NEAREST STATION : Ebisu Station (or Meguro)

Easy access to Shinjuku, Shibuya and Yoyogi:
Ebisu - 7min walk
Meguro - 10min

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05/13 14:02

Asphalt Parking is easy parking of the ground.
Size: small car, for minicars
Deposit: 1 month
Key money: None
We are looking forward to hearing from you, thank you humbly. …

05/08 11:01
Single Room non-smoking

looking for a room maid of 2K of the room
close to Nakano Station
Please consult in comfort if there is such demand
Tour of the actual thing is also OK
Come If you are interested …
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05/05 19:14
Bibi B

Me and my classmate are looking for a third person to share our future apartment in the Machida area.
We want to move in towards the end of August/start of September this year. Therefore, we are still looking for a suitable apartment, but it will be a 3 room (so each of us will have their …

05/03 20:52
Fabian De Roose
Single Room non-smoking

I am going to Japan on 2016-April-25. I will stay for 1 year or more.
I am looking for an affordable private room, with the approximative size of 10~15 m².
I speak french and English. I will go toa japanese school in Takadanobaba.
I'm male gender and my age is 26.

Please contact me back …
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05/03 08:33
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Hi! I am Japanese female looking for a female roommate from Foreign countries. My current room mate is moving out. So I am looking for a new room mate from mid June.
My house is 2 bed rooms and 1 private bed room is available. I am out going and very friendly. I have had few different roommates bef …

04/28 17:14
Single Room non-smoking

I'm willing to look for a place to stay in Japan. I don't know a lot of Japanese. I'm willing to learn it right away. I'm 27 years old Male. I can speak Spanish and English. I'm willing to pay rent 10000 up to 40,000 yen per month. i know how to clean. I am kind, generous, a …

04/26 18:44
Single Room non-smoking

I think the interesting, if possible in the roommate.
10 minutes to Shinjuku, Sasazuka Station 2 minutes, recruiting small 4LDK private room
First month rent to deposit 15,000 yen possible tenants.
Short-term - long term is either OK.
All rooms have a private room, you need a very beautiful reno …
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04/14 13:08
Single Room Female only

Seibu Shinjuku Line, we share in four women in the 3 minutes of the apartment walk from Shimo Igusa Station.
18 minutes to Shinjuku, better 30 minutes and access to Shibuya.
Convenience store in front of the station, HyakuHitoshi, taverns, pharmacy, also super-rich.
The next station of Iogi there …
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