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05/25 15:50
Single Room non-smoking

Hello friends,
Are you looking for somewhere to live in central Tokyo with 2 chill roommates? We live between Ebisu station and Meguro station, and one of our roommates just moved out. The room is not very large, but the apartment is pretty spacious (for Tokyo) and we get lots of sunlight with a gr …
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05/22 17:39
Osada House (share House)
Single Room

Nicely furnished six mats size bedroom available in Nakano sakaue on Marunouchi/Oedo subway nearby Shinjuku .Bedroom has an air conditioner,heater,bed & bedding,writing desk & chair etc.Kitchen/living/shared area is spacious and fully furnished as well. rent is 65,000/month (Includes all uti …

05/21 23:27
Single Room non-smoking

We've renovated Japanese traditional house to beautiful share house.
Good access to everywhere,especially SHIBUYA(10 mins by train), Daikan-yama(8 mins by train), Nakameguro(6 mins by train).
9 min walk to Toritsu-daigaku station.
You can go to Komazawa-park,jiyugaoka,etc...
There is a conv …

05/20 15:43
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Privacy is protected in spacious single house, all rooms private rooms.
The manager is also a woman.
Public security around Hiroo is a peaceful environment full of shopping districts.
· Atmosphere of share house
I usually spend their time in the room and lounge, sometimes when I meet someone, it …
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05/18 23:35
Single Room non-smoking

Available now. Non-smoker only.

Hello. We are looking for someone to take over a room in our shared house.

The house is in one of the most desirable areas of Tokyo, and it's near Shimokitazawa - 19 min walk.

It's a 9 min walk to numerous stations on the Odakyu and Tokyu Setagaya …
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05/09 08:22
新宿区 rūmushare
Single Room non-smoking

It is an auto lock mansion located within 10 minutes' walk from Nakai station in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo.
It is in a quiet residential area, it is in a residential area that I can not think of Shinjuku.
Currently I live with 2 men at 1 DK, but most of the time I am leaving home because most of m …

05/07 01:51

The rent is very cheap at 35,000 yen including utility fee!
It is a homely sharehouse that used a room (2K) of apartment full of cleanliness located 2 minutes on foot from Nakai station of the Toei Oedo Line & Seibu Shinjuku Line.
As administrators can speak English, foreigners are also welcom …
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04/26 14:41
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

【Female private share house】
A female private sharehouse of a good location with a 30-minute walk from Shinjuku next door, Oedo line, Wakamatsu Kawada station was born!
Wakamatsu Kawada was crowded as a station where former Fuji TV was located
After moving to Odaiba, it became a quiet residential …
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04/13 16:19
Guest House Tokyo Nakano

The first 60 days is 27,000 yen / 30 days.
Since then, large bed 36,000 yen, small bed 33,000 yen / 30 days.
In deposit 10,000 yen, 5,000 yen refunded upon departure.
Utility bills None.
Shower, washing machine 100 yen.
The rooms are dormitory.

Metro Marunouchi Line, Nakano-Shimbashi S …

03/30 17:49

Our client is a female limited.
Tokyo will also be to your work in the I verses suburbs.
Production introduction, exclusive club, luxury cabaret etc
Anything, anywhere you can introduce.

Since there is a track record, that's introduction from us, it has been quite treatment also changed.


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