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11/24 21:37
Single Room non-smoking

It is a room that can be entered the same day in a private room with a key (* ゜ ▽ ゜ *)
Short-term use in job hunting is also possible! Please feel free to contact us.
All shared daily necessities are complete.
You can move with one trunk.
In front of the station, Starbucks, TUTAYA, and a …
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11/24 21:05
Single Room non-smoking
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11/21 15:57
Budget Stay
Single Room non-smoking

2 minutes on foot to Tobu Tojo Line Shimoitabashi Station (150m)
7 minutes walk (500m) to JR Itabashi Station
10 minutes walk (800m) to Shin-itabashi Station on the Toei Mita Line
25 minutes walk to JR Ikebukuro Station (2km)

Private room ¥ 29,000-35,000 / M. (+2 year insurance ¥ 13,000)
The …
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11/12 11:33
Single Room non-smoking

We are a french family who has been living in Tokyo for 6 years now, in a old traditionnal japanese house. We have two daughters of 4 years old and 6 months and are living.
The house is about 130m2 with a small garden. It is located in ikebukurohoncho, by 15-20min walking from Ikebukuro st …

11/06 22:55
TETRIS Share House 広報担当
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10/26 16:08
Single Room non-smoking

I am looking for a private room to live in 23 wards from November 1st.
Private room with bed
Small number of people
20s man
Thank you. …

09/27 22:00
Single Room non-smoking

One room is available now.
*I'm looking for a person to stay more than 6 month.

It is located 4th floor of apartment (top floor).
3 rooms of 6 mat sized floor (all rooms are wooden flooring)
+ shared kitchen, bath and toilet (shower toilet)

5 min walk to ITABASHI HONCHO station(TOEI …
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12/09 08:56
Single Room non-smoking

Toei Mita Line is a 3 minute walk, convenient near the station and a very beautiful share house.
First month rent half price campaign!
★ Room 203 approx. 6 tatami [vacant]
First month rent ¥ 25,500 Common service cost ¥ 6,000 Total ¥ 31,500
From the second month, the rent is 51,000 yen, the comm …
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12/09 08:48
Single Room non-smoking

The content has been updated.
It is a studio rental.
Inquiries regarding availability etc. are welcome by short email.
Up to -6446
8000 yen OFF for 2 months (excluding Room 203)
However, please move in for more than one year.
8/20 PM at 9am national broadcast (as an employee of a re …
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12/08 23:27
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

A fashionable and reasonable girls share house where you can use Itabashi Station and Kitaikebukuro Station.
10 minutes from Itabashi Station to Shinjuku Station.
It takes 2 minutes from Kita-Ikebukuro Station to Ikebukuro Station, and access to the city center is also excellent.
Futon …
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