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04/25 02:25
Single Room non-smoking

Private room 6-mat 52,000 yen + utility costs (equally share mate five)
You can move from May 18.
House will be in the House from Higashi-Ikebukuro Station at the 4-minute walk.
Also go in about 10-15 minutes walk from Ikebukuro Station.
Dining, CATV has a viewable TV Internet wireless LAN is av …

04/19 17:08
sharehouse YUASA 202号室
Single Room non-smoking
Male only

Share House of Mezonepu type of only a small 4 room that specializes in men's working people and students of up to 30 units.
2F is not the dormitory full private room //7.3 square meters ... bet, desk, TV, refrigerator, storage like a business hotel
1F is a shared zone ... dining room, bat …
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04/12 09:16

Since opening the house on a business trip, looking for Sublette.
From May 25 to June 20 days.
Period is somewhat of a change allowed by the consultation.
Super Station near from Chiyoda Line Ayase Station West of 30 seconds.
30 minutes to Omotesando.
15 minutes to Otemachi.
When you go to Rop …

04/06 15:54
Single Room non-smoking

Private rooms are available now.
*I'm looking for people to stay more than 3 month.

It is located quiet residential area.

4 rooms of 6 mat sized floor and 1 room of 4.5 mat sized floor (Total 5 bed rooms)
+ shared kitchen, bath and two toilets (shower toilet)
(Each rooms are so clean …
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03/26 02:25
Single Room Female only

I opened one room.
Discount, rare, six-mat, private room, 30-inch wide LCD TV, Internet, utilities free of charge, before rent only COMICOMI, two and made 5 minutes east Nagasaki walk by train to room share woman Ikebukuro, Senkawa walk 10 minutes private room, free room one remaining 1.
Sooner !! …
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03/19 03:16
Single Room non-smoking

Hello ,
I am actually studying in Tokyo and i am looking for housing around Tokyo or Saitama.
I am male , 27 years old , very clean and tidy. …

03/01 17:45
Single Room

Great room with balcony in 5mins walk from Ikebukuro JR St west Exit and 2Mins walk from Ikebukuro Metro C2 Exit
Room is sunny and has a long balacony (though slim), a big closet with rack, 1 shelf, 1 double bed with mattress, mattress pad, comforter (quilt) and pillows, 1 racker to hang clothes, 1 …

04/30 13:19
Single Room non-smoking

You will find guidance of the dormitory property (Room share format).

If within short-term occupancy possible ... the 7th the 1st 1500 yen, 1300 yen the 1st if seven days or more.

It is also possible to determine the move after try to move in the short term to try.

When Tokyo and travel it …
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04/30 12:37
Single Room






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04/30 00:09
Single Room non-smoking

Hello ヽ (^ 0 ^) Bruno
Nice to meet you.
Management person, Thank you to use the bulletin board m (_ _) m
This time 3LDK system kitchen, with a open terrace
Because the property can be provided at low cost was borrowed the individual bulletin board.

The nearest station is in Kawaguchi Station …
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