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・ Monthly rate is ¥7,000, and you need to pay utility fee separately.
・ Please show your identification before the contract.
・ Japanese or foreign nationality are both acceptable.

・ 2 minutes' walk to the nearest station.
・ 2 minutes' walk to the nearest s …
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りのべーたー 個室あり

To reform the built more than 40 years of old houses, currently 1 male, 1 female to have share in, please let recruited status quo remaining three persons.
Mainly people of 20 to 30 generations has become a center.
Western-style 6 tatami ¥ 39,000 rooms and 4.5 Pledge ¥ 36,000 is the recruitment of …
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Sharemaster 個室あり

5-minute walk from Yamate Station 2F southeast flooring room with veranda

The room is located southeast on the second floor of a small house.
It is flooring room (equal 6 tatami mats) with veranda.
Also wide closet is equipped.

Both male and female are acceptable (landlord is a old man).
L …

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らりー・すぽーてっろ 個室あり

Those who had been using as a second house for the weekend two years surfing in November, because it was dismissed in the transfer of work, has been vacant current room.
6-mat tatami room, because living is also broad, when you come there also feel free to.
Because it is portrait of the house, the …

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まいめろでぃー Female only 個室あり

It is a 30-year-old single that is currently living alone.
Previously, I had been living with his sister, as if accustomed to plus the cost of living, and I would like to rent a private room at the thought room share.
Day of Hodogaya Station 5-minute walk of a good second floor.
Approximately 9 t …
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めい 個室あり

Yokohama is hope.
20 is Daishakai people.

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鶴岡 個室あり

1.4Km (20 minute walk) from JR Kamakura Station, 2.6Km the 80m to the bus stop, from Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine 600m, to the sea.
The pet-friendly if possible discipline of toilet, etc..
I lend bicycle.
Two days a week, housework helper (mainly cleaning, clean up, organize) the person who is doing …

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また私は初めての募集ですので初めての方は大歓迎です。 …
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ちょし Female only 個室あり

17 minutes from JR Sakuragi-cho Station Negishi Line, 12 minutes when it was Keikyu Hinodecho Station.
While it might seem to be a little far from the station,
Please be assured that there is a free bicycle rental.
Both interior and exterior is very beautiful renovated in 2012.
In making you sma …
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YAGI 個室あり




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