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09/02 17:12
Single Room non-smoking

September 2, 2015 Post
For the first time the room share, and will be about a year.
So was out this time dismissed person, I will be recruited.
Key money such as initial cost is not required.
Now you can immediately move.
Yes room of the image in the home page
http://osakakakuregaaaa.web.fc2.c …
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08/31 08:29
amz Shigino amuzushigino
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

7-minute walk from Shigino Station.
Share House of new women-only in the town to leave the downtown of taste reblogged OPEN.
* However, .. office fees in the new OPEN Memorial *
And living dining settle comfortably, private room to spend their time.
Of course, also comes with a key to each room. …
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08/31 04:05

21-year-old woman part-time workers
It is in the resettlement plan to Kansai during the year, but for the lonely Ya,
I'm looking for people who live together!
If the number of people Okere,
Because the minute one of the burden is reduced We have thought that you think should be in the 3 to …

08/20 00:25
Female only

I, has been living as a transsexual.
Since living alone is lonely
I want to share towards the woman
I am thinking.
Floor Plans are 1LDK
Although it is never widely no
Toilet, bath Separate
Independent wash basin equipped
Internet Unlimited
There bathroom dryer

08/14 15:09

This is foreigner-only share house.
The following is the detailed information:
1, It is a very convenient location because there is such as supermarkets and convenience stores nearby.
2, the Internet is unlimited (540 yen need extra charge)
3, does not have a private room.
4, basic amen …
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07/24 14:51
Single Room non-smoking
pnref = story
facebook page Updating ♪ ↑
★ turnkey welcome ★
Free private room will appear from August 20! !
In the case of private room one person use utility costs included monthly ¥ 40000 円
Utility costs included per capita case of private two simu …
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07/17 00:27

I am looking for a roommate to share a room from August because one of us is moving to Tokyo on August
Location: 543-0072 Main road Ikutamamaemachi 1 min to Tanimachi 9 chome and Uehonmachi, 10 mins to namba and tennoji station by bicycle. Very convenience and easy to access to all main line train. …

07/12 10:01

In rich Osaka Bay can be expected, Sunny, ventilation and are both good!
This is the environment that can eliminate the daily lack of exercise.
Layout: 3LDK (LDK: 9,6 quires, Western-style two-chamber 6 quires, Western-style: 4.5 Pledge)
Facilities: Air conditioning 1 groups, (with ano …

07/12 09:44
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

The person looking for who can live because you are not using the 6-mat Japanese-style.
2LDK So it is wide.
I myself busy because I am most open house.
Night the morning of 21:00 and 22:00 go home I'm out 7 sometimes.
It is bright woman recruiting 20s.
Utility costs is about can not afford …

07/04 16:19
palma morna

Pauma also have been made the lending of salon space in Luna
Yoga and therapies, when carrying out the nail and eyelashes extension, please contact us.
Your time and day of the week, we will respond to the consultation in accordance with the other contents.
※ preview of the salon space, please re …
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