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Fun Sugosere if location anywhere is good.

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I will be away for a while at work.
Its between, isn't there a person who borrowed?
I have all household goods.
Environment may be useful.
RC3f corner room.

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ちゃお Female only 個室あり

2LDK of room I live alone.
From Furukawa bridge is a 5-minute walk away.
Utility costs are also thought'd like to see equally.
Because friends can people say, you are looking at less than 30 years old.

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ももちゃん Female only

Women who would like to share Room
Looking have, but hard to find
No> _ <
I grinded a 21-year-old woman
Thank you * \ (^ o ^) / *

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Fashionable and convenient town, Minamihorie studio apartment.
Deposit also commission also no, I can start at 0 yen.
Rent of the first month also ¥ 0 service! ! !
For more information, please contact us.

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有限会社彩加ぷらんにんぐ Female only 個室あり

1-minute walk from the subway station, it is House women-only share house.
Air conditioning we had made!
Vacancy Nanoha currently is a luxury Western-style 10 tatami yen room rent 45000 common service costs 10,000 yen of 3 floor south-facing.
Net also you can use for free.
Basic seasoning and I …
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rayrae 個室あり


Hello,I'm a 22 years old female living in Osaka for 1,5 years.I want to find a room for 1 person.Because I just changed my job,I want to find a room around …
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Mouse 個室あり

※ Because it becomes for the first time of writing, inappropriate places, etc.
If you have, it is fortunate if you can you pointed out.
To Osaka about 25 minutes
Kyoto (to Kawaramachi) about 20 minutes
Why do not live together in new condominiums of good location conditions of a 10-minute walk t …
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Nao 個室あり

I am living in the House in the current living alone.
Since there is no even if not let left unused room way, it is room share offering.
I 23-year-old man is, I think if you can live in a direction which has common sense in the way of about the same age.
Women are also welcome.
Place in the near …

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