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Arashiyama and Togetsu brige immediately in front ♪
Although the basic monthly
Time, such as foliage season loan and when we can rent time and 1day
Actually it deals be ☆

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紫野sharehouse 個室あり

● We renovated old traditional house to use as a share house.

● This house has 5 bed rooms (Japanese room),1 living room,and 1 kitchen.
You can enjoy BBQ at yard.

● There are many historic and authentic buildings in neighbor.
Map: http: //bit.ly/sharehouse_murasakino

● Rent depens the roo …
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Doraemon 個室あり

It is a beautiful apartment in a 1-minute walk from the subway station Ono.
Auto lock courier box Yes.
Resident caretaker.
and Spacious living of 19 pledges that sunlight enters well,
There is a system kitchen facing it
This is the house pleasant.
You can use either of the Western-style or Jap …
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はち 個室あり

We will lend you at 40,000 yen per month.
Also there is no problem in the short term, such as one week or two weeks.
In that case, we will lend you as 3000 yen one day (one person).
Also, even if I have borrowed at every opportunity is fine.
Parking and now we have secured only a single minute b …

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Nice to meet you, we will servlet for overseas appointed.
Preview is winning early person who is because Germany from tomorrow.
PC, TV, bed, there is rice cooker.
Even bicycle.
Thank you.

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あじさい Female only 個室あり

Hankyu Katsura Station, from JR Katsura River Station, 10-15 minutes
Parking Lot
There Kitchenware
Washing machine
All, it equipped
Unfortunately, photo does not have now, I will come show house from
May 21 to 26, if you are interesting.
First of all, please email to me.
gogo3 …

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REN 個室あり


・京阪 淀駅 徒歩25分
・JR 長岡京駅 徒歩30分
・阪急 長岡天神 徒歩40分

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sharehouse東寺 個室あり

Utilities to rent, all-inclusive also net fee! !
Equipped with all bed, desk, also furniture such as an air conditioner! ! ! In price this! ! (^ O ^) /
Located on the south side of Kyoto Station, is the share house of the 2-story 7LDK was renovated Toji near House (^_^)
All rooms are clean floori …
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京都sharehouse 個室あり

Of the Kyoto National Museum is close to the share house a calm.
I also can take residence.

●Room cost
For more than two months, 42000 yen or 37000 (no TV)yen
First month 52000yen or 47000 (no TV)yen

Male dormitory 29000yen

●Gas,electricity,water fee is 10000 …
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