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11/17 17:25
Single Room

Among floor plan 3DK,
・ 6 tatami mat room / ¥ 26000
4.5 Tatami Western-style room just outside the entrance
[Necessary documents and initial costs for moving in]
Or you can rent a 6 tatami mat room.
Within walking distance to Ageo Station (about 10 minutes)
We are raising many cats,
-I …
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11/14 15:50
Male only
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11/05 01:43
Single Room Female only

It will be a female-only share, two people capacity, it is two minutes from the exit of the nearest elevator from the ticket gate of Osu Kannon station, it is clean with white tone, utilities cost every month separately.
No other expenses are required.
No initial cost, no eviction cost,
There is …

10/18 10:39
Single Room

There is space in 6 tatami room (private room / unit bath with private entrance).
Shared washing machine, kitchen and balcony.
A 15-minute walk from Nishikasai Station.
1 minute walk from the nearest bus stop.
Two convenience stores (open 24 hours) within a 1-minute walk.
Three supermarkets wit …
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10/17 19:35
Single Room

Near the football venue at the 2020 Olympics.
I want a global sense,
I would be happy if you can speak English or Chinese.
Of course, the Internet, 55-inch TV
Netflix, Hulu, etc. are also subscribed.
I'm happy if you like games and anime.
Japanese are also acceptable. …

10/10 17:31
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10/07 12:16
Single Room

Nice to meet you.
The property had been living with her for about a year and a half since April 2018, but this time she broke up and there was a surplus room, so one person was lonely and I was recruited.
Everything you need to live your life.
You can move in on the same day.
Cars, motorcycles a …

09/18 09:54
Single Room
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09/04 20:31
Single Room Female only
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