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11/28 16:40

We live in 1LDK of Nakano.
Although the bedroom will be shared,
Because it is spread of property, it does not have any problem even if laid two futon.
(Previously there is also room share a similar shape experience)
Rent ¥ 40,000 ~, in utility costs are ¥ 5,000,
It will charge ¥ 40,000 deposit …
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11/28 13:51
Single Room non-smoking

Available Dec 23rd.

Hello. We are looking for someone to take over a room in our shared house.

The house is in one of the most desirable areas of Tokyo, and it's near Shimokitazawa - 19 min walk.

It's a 9 min walk to numerous stations on the Odakyu and Tokyu Setagaya lines: Umega …
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11/25 21:57
Single Room non-smoking

Our client is a woman only.
Our couple is on the first floor, another woman lives on the second floor.

Address / Kodaira, Tokyo
Transportation / Seibu Haijima Line Higashiyamatoshi station 9 minutes by walking.
Monthly rent / 38,000 yen
Deposit / 38,000 yen

★ neighborhood facilities

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11/21 19:06
Single Room

JR Sobu Shinanomachi Station 5-minute walk, other Oedo Line National Stadium station walk 9 minutes, Ginza line, 1-chome station walk 10 minutes Aoyama Hanzomon, private rents ¥ 65,000 common area with a key of the center line Yotsuya Station 10-minute walk cost is 3,000 yen room.
Kitchen in your r …
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11/20 17:38
Single Room non-smoking

Use the residence (1 room) you are not using
Water costs are included
Electric bill, gas I want to ask at cost
Net (light) is 4000 yen
So far we've been able to live in a total of about ¥ 35,000 position
Specific contents will contact us …
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11/15 15:54
Single Room non-smoking

Location is a 5-minute walk from Hon Yotsubashi, is located about 10 minutes by bicycle to such as Nishi-Umeda and Shinsaibashi
The short-term use will also be consultation.
, Monthly will consult.
[1K type]
Terms and conditions is 40,000 yen and administrative expenses ¥ 8,000 rent
Ple …
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11/13 10:47
share asia

This time, we are looking for a roommate now that share mate go home in early September.
We are living in the current two people to put the two-stage bet to 11 tatami mats studio.
We are looking for one person additional.
I do not cage for most home (company management).
Also, another one of the …

11/12 10:39
Single Room non-smoking

Current residents lived almost 3 years is the same day possible tenants for deportation in November 10.
In four-story rental apartment third floor (with elevator), we will lend you the entrance side of the 6-mat Western-style (with flooring, closet).
Utilities cost included, there is no sharing of …

11/11 19:34
Single Room

I lived with a friend, but looking for a roommate for he leaving the room.
Akebono of San-nori horizontal 9F, view is the best.
6 tatami Western 4.5 tatami Japanese-style room is vacant.
Towards Western-style comes with air conditioning.
It does not matter with either.
Rent 27500 (the original …

11/05 10:42
Single Room non-smoking

2 extra rooms are available on the 2nd floor in the brand-new house.
[Rent] 30,000 per month.
[Location] Kanagawa Prefecture Ayase
[Nearest station] Sagami Railway Main Line, Kashiwadai Station. About 20 minutes by walk, About 10 minutes by bycycle.
[Layout] 5.25 tatami (Wooden fool)
[Environm …


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