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11/23 20:40
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Popular area Menohama.
We are looking for people who can live in a 2LDK private room on Menohama.

# Period # I will lend you as a sublet for about 3 months in January - March

Other periods will be shared.
* 5 minutes on foot from subway station.

* 13 minutes to Tenjin
* 19 minutes to Hak …
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11/21 20:05
Single Room non-smoking

My house is near Ikebukuro by 11 minutes by train and Shinjuku by 25 minutes by train.

I have three bedrooms two of the big bedrooms are vacancies, the Japanese tatami room is furnished and the big western room is empty, If your looking for short stay then I will recommend the tatami room minimum …

11/21 06:08
Single Room
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11/19 22:40
Single Room

It is Yotsuya, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken.
8 minutes on foot from JR Musashino Line → Nishi Urawa Station
15 minutes on foot from JR Saikyo Line → Musashi Urawa Station
Both are convenient for access ☆
For vacancy, you can move in on the same day ^ ^
There are restaurants, convenience stores, 100 …
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11/16 20:54
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Here is a 24 year old female company staff member.
Because the burden of rent is large widely for one person I will lend you a private room in the room.
There is utility expenses included, it is possible to visit.
International students are also possible.
Since this is also a rental place, pleas …

11/06 17:10
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

There are three room feasts.
From JR Takatori, it is a 10 minute walk toilet, a bath, and there is.
There is an attic storage.
It is one room six tatami.
I am looking for a student and a woman.
It becomes Western-style 2 and Japanese-style room 1.
The room will win first hand.
The building be …

11/04 10:58
just call me by my real name
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Hello there,
I am Luu and I'm currently living in an apartment in Kawagoeshi, Matoba, near Matoba station and Tokyo International University (I'm also a student there)
I'm now looking for a housemate to share the apartment with me since my friend, who is now sharing it, plans to mov …

11/02 18:01
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Hi there,
I'm Japanese female working for game company as a graphic designer at Roppongi Tokyo,
looking for a nice roommate to share my apartment.

I need a parson who is
# female
# non-smoker
# loves cats


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10/30 04:21
Single Room

I will consult the rent and payment method.
One room leo palace One room can be lent.
Local people can also pick you up.
Now I borrow four rooms of Leopalace and two women living in twenties.
People who do not work may be introduced.
Everyone is friendly and will go out and go out to a pot part …

10/29 04:16
Single Room non-smoking

Male 30 years old I live with 2 cats in 2LDK about 15 minutes on foot in Hachioji, Tokyo
I am currently occupying a room with tatami mats so I think I will lend it out
About 7 tatami
Below are conditions If you are interested please contact us if you would like
Age nothing
No nationa …


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