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09/06 23:55
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

We are sharing a house with a garden in Okazaki, Sakyo-ku, with three people.
6 tatami mats (Kyoto) among the 2 rooms on the 2nd floor are available, we are looking for people who can move in from late September or early October.
You can observe the room at any time.
Good sunlight.
There is a la …
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08/30 23:14
Single Room non-smoking

The room is 2DK, I think that if you can use effectively without almost using 1 room, those who are newly using are recruited.
The kitchen and the bus will be shared.
Semi - bed, desk, chair, hanger rack There is a degree.
Because the inside is for us, for day work, if it is night time it will be …

08/26 15:22
Single Room non-smoking

Because the room is large, I lend it one room.
Do not live because the layout does not use one room in 3Dk.
A woman is good if possible because it is disgusting.
I have two cats, so it is better if you like cats.
The rent includes 2,000 yen parking fee.
It does not matter even with children.
T …

08/24 17:31
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

It is a female private sharehouse with a 19-minute walk from Koiwa station and a 21-minute walk from Shin-Ooiwa station.
It is far from the station, but I will lend you a bicycle for free.
(Bicycle parking lot is self-borne)
One room is vacant in four rooms.
Rent 29,000 yen ~ 33,000 yen
Utility …
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08/20 08:36
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

【Female only: 6 tatami room】 【Ikebukuro 15 minutes 5 LDK】
【Including utility fee · net fee all! 】 English OK!
"Electricity bills and net fees are all included in a private room!"
The conc …
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08/17 00:06
Female only


I am looking for a female flatmate in my 1LDK apartment. Nearest metro station would be Zoshiki station. Furnished with basic amenities like AC,Fridge, Washing Machine, WiFi, Gas Stove and Wardrobe.

Interested Please mail me for further information on the apartment. …

08/15 22:41
Single Room

Why do not you share a room in Nagoya city?
I will lend you a Western - style 4 tatami room.
Let's consult with gas charges, electricity bills, water bills, net fee (FLET'S Hikari) etc. according to usage fee.
Since how it uses electricity cost varies depending on the person, we thin …

08/14 04:23
Single Room non-smoking
Temporary moderated (Caution)
08/12 13:27
Single Room non-smoking

I will lend you a general one-room vacant room.
It is possible even in the short term and it is convenient for the fastest 30 minutes to the city center by 10 minutes on foot to the train station, and the coin laundry, ramen shop convenience store in the adjacent place, within 30 seconds, please co …

08/06 20:00
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Great area in Tokyo and Central! 

3 minutes walk to the station! (Ikegami and Oimachi Line)
Residential area and quiet.

Space: 140qm2 with spacious garden! 3LDKS House

The room available is 18qm2 (9.1 tatami), lots of sun in the room due to the double-door-glass with access to the garden. …
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