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12/01 20:40
Single Room non-smoking

We rent the second floor of one room of the house.
Bed, TV, refrigerator, desk are equipped in the private room.
If necessary futon also Kashidase.
I have a business in the first floor, but the second floor to the toilet and shower room, equipped with a washroom.
Since the initial cost is not re …

11/24 15:08
Single Room

We are looking for because you will be free to the Japanese-style room from mid-November.
3 months and recruiting in the short term within.
Currently, I live in the House in four men one woman.

★ Pledge 7,5 (Japanese-style) 55,000 yen
※ Apart from utility costs and rent is Dutch treat

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11/21 18:13
Single Room non-smoking

Looking for an easy-going and liberal-minded roommate to share my apartment with. The apartment is a 7 minute walk to Araiyakushi-mae station, 15 min to Nakano, 14 min. to Higashi-Nakano, 14 min. to Ochai station. There is a 7-Eleven less than 50 meters away, a grocery store less than 100 meters awa …

11/17 19:44
Single Room non-smoking
Male only

A big maisonette type of 175 ㎡. 7 minutes walk from Nishitachikawa. Possible to walk to Tachikawa station. Fully renovated and fully furnished. A convenient store in front of the building. Many shops around.English male owner working in the music business. Two rooms to rent but one already occupied …
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11/17 11:57
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Nice to meet you, thank you for seeing the post.
For now the roommate went out in February, looking for a person who on behalf of.
- Until Shirokanedai Station 3 minutes, 10 minutes from Meguro Station.
This is useful if there is also a bus stop in the apartment right in front of.
It lends a 6-m …

11/16 18:56
Single Room non-smoking

・Building Name: House Tokiwadai
・Room: 103
・Nearest Station: Tokiwadai Station 8 min. walk (Tōbu Tōjō Line)
Itabashi-honchou 14 min. walk (Toei Mita Line)

・ Rent: ¥52,000
・ NO Key Money
・ NO Deposit!
・ NO Agent Fee!
・ NO Maintenance Fee

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11/15 21:26
Single Room

Current landlord one male, have been room share one female.
Japanese-style room 6 Pledge 15000 yen will be extra utility costs fifty-fifty.
When calculated on the day is a rent of 500 yen per day.
Those who can live together is, as it can savings.
Because we have all the necessities of life, …
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11/08 06:54
Single Room non-smoking

$600 / 2000ft2 - HouseShare 2 rooms available in 4bdr house) Near Schaumburg (Roselle)

2 large rooms to rent in Roselle available from Mid November

The house is in Roselle between Plum Grove and Roselle road off I390 (Just south of Schaumburg).
Conveniently located near major highways 390 …

11/08 00:32
紺野 洋介
Single Room non-smoking

Room share that it has too much is the room because of the divorce will begin.
Please have your voice only Once Irassha' person even a little anxious if.
This house located in Yokohama Line Aihara Station.
There are three rooms on the second floor, we lend a 2 room of them.
- Rent: 6 tatami …
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11/05 20:56
Single Room non-smoking

Short-term can also be
2000 yen per day
1 week 10000 yen
There is Wi-Fi
Furniture …


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