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HNS 個室あり

It is possible tenants from May 1!
Thank you for viewing.
Sobu Line Hongo It is about 10 minutes walk from the station!
Also it will be out to Keiseiokubo Station.
There are bike racks.
This is the house share the apartment feeling.
The rooms I will Yes with a key.
It becomes a complete priva …
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coffee & choco 個室あり

Hi there
We will recruit share mate.
We will ride to the consultation to suit a day / week / 2 weeks use.
■ room Overview
· Address: Ibaraki City (about 10 minutes from the station)
· Rent: 5,000 yen
- 5 tatami about flooring 3LDK Western-style
· Storage Yes
- During your stay in the room, t …
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nori Female only 個室あり

We have all the necesities avaialble to jump-start your new life!

Non-Smokers only.
People from overseas are welcomed.
Please come and have a look at the place!

Currently there is 1 room available.
4.5 tatami room: ¥ 30,000
(Water, utility costs are split equally)
Tenants initial cost: on …
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Address: Setagaya-ku, Tokyo District Wakabayashi
Transportation: Sangenjaya Denentoshi Tokyu Station 10 minutes
Wakabayashi Setagaya Line Tokyu Station 2 minutes
※ 2015 (2015) content change April 26
Size: one room Western-style 8 tatami (room part)
Air conditioning, latest drum washing machine …
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まさき 個室あり

I will live in the new House this spring.
I will recruit one room of Western-style.
3 men have been determined in the current share.

★ 6 Pledge (Western-style) 55,000 yen
※Apart from utility bills and rent The Dutch treat
※ initial cost (not a deposit) 20,000 yen
※ air conditioning, T …
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kswi 個室あり

Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture cloth station is Funabashi hoden station.
★ for Nishi-Funabashi Station you will get one stop only for 3 minutes.
3-minute walk of the bus stop from JR Sobu, Nishi-Funabashi Station, Shimofusa Nakayama Station
Has come out to go.
7 & I; I convenience store …
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nekome Female only 個室あり

It does not have to stay in great room because I use one room of 2k of the room as a work room.
I think that we can get to spend leisurely because it does not at night.
Convenience store near, so close to the station and Super I think whether convenient.
It is also OK short stay.
Please contact …

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りさ 個室あり

For more information I will message or talk on the line or cacao.
Line 08050878478
kakao is musician0910.
Thank you.

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じゅーん 個室あり

Chiba Prefecture is Matsudo.
And I owe 2DK of the room, but will recruit people with one room because it is too wide.
6 tatami room, home appliances can be found almost all the DK.
Net, it is 25000 in the included utility costs.
There is no upfront cost to the other.
Men of our 32-year-old, I a …

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Doraemon 個室あり

It is a beautiful apartment in a 1-minute walk from the subway station Ono.
Auto lock courier box Yes.
Resident caretaker.
and Spacious living of 19 pledges that sunlight enters well,
There is a system kitchen facing it
This is the house pleasant.
You can use either of the Western-style or Jap …
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