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02/25 10:55
CASA VERDE K(kāsa vu~erude kei)
Single Room non-smoking

Share House CASA VERDE K (Casa Verde Kay)
6-minute walk from the subway green Bridge Station, active society for people who share house
Osaka Castle Park is also nearby and close has been enhanced even gym.

Foreign students, even those of working holiday is possible tenants.
Immediately possib …
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02/22 17:58
Single Room non-smoking

New life support! ! Initial fees half Campaign! !
Those who you call until March 31, 2008 from today ...
Nikaido House
Zushi lohas House east coast House Zaimokuza House ht …
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02/19 22:01
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

A 5-minute train ride to Shinjuku.
It is a 10-minute position of the prime locations of the room to the west exit by bicycle.
Also it will be go to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, if about 20 minutes on foot! Since the woman comes out, we are allowed to recruit women limited.
The nearest stati …
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02/18 20:41
Single Room non-smoking

Share house private room
The administration fee is 5,000 yen per month.
It is a very quiet environment.
We welcome students from Josai International University in Togane City, Chiba Prefecture.
Students from International Budo University in Katsuura City, Chiba Prefecture are also welcome …

02/14 19:17
Single Room non-smoking

※ Aichi share house roommate Wanted ※
It operates eight share house is the share of Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture
All properties private room
Toilet bath by
※ You decide to meet, such as negotiation is possible your initial cost rent ※
Fun than o …
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02/12 14:44
Single Room non-smoking

I am doing for pet-friendly share house at the location of about 7 minutes from Nishinippori.
Since it is free to the 6 quires floor room, and recruiting tenants ^ ^
We live in the current 1 male and 4 females and 1 dog.
Rent is 50,000 yen, will be monthly 10,000 yen in utility bills and the like …

02/08 17:49
Borderless Tokyo
Single Room non-smoking

20s limited and international exchange center of the share house, is the International Association borderless Tokyo.
It holds the exchange events every month, everyone has been actively exchange of borderless Tokyo Share House!
For example, or a party with the owner the house, looking for lodging …
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02/04 15:45
Single Room non-smoking

★ Those who moved to Tokyo from the countryside! Communal living person is like! You are welcome ★
Keisei Tateishi Station walk 8 minutes! New share house!
Furnished, you will live your discount!
[Tenants Availability] at any time
[Period of residence] 3 months, 6 months, 1 year ※ renewal fee wi …
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02/02 15:51
Single Room non-smoking

A unique share house in Asakusa, one of the friendliest neighborhoods in Tokyo.

634 is established for visitors from abroad holding a working holiday, working or student VISA in Japan. 634 is here to support their life in Japan. We offer a comfortable base and organize activities to help our resi …

02/02 14:53
Single Room non-smoking

☆ ★ ☆ ★ You can get new life support campaign in! ! ! ★ ☆ ★ ☆
① person limitation apply for February! Rent one month free! !
If you had you sign up in February 2017,
Rent one month will assist!
② offer in the new life support price!
If you had you sign up before April 20, 2017,
Rent is availab …
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