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10/18 23:26
Single Room non-smoking

We are looking for tenants at a house of Tokyo University.
Jiyugaoka is also within walking distance.
Currently I am living with Americans, British and Japanese.
【Location / Nearest station】
● Meguro-ku, Tokyo
→ The strongest Toyoko Line "Tokyo Metropolitan University" station …
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10/18 23:18
Single Room non-smoking

Newly renovated while leaving the taste of Japanese houses.
Currently I live with French, British and American, Dutch, Belgian and Japanese.
【Location / Nearest station】
● Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
→ Odakyu Line · Keio Inokashira Line "Shimokitazawa" 8 minutes on foot from station
※ …
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10/18 11:00
Single Room non-smoking

The place is under consideration at Musashi Kosugi or Kawasaki station in 15 minutes to the city center!
Also, although it is simple, we serve breakfast for those who wish.
【About breakfast】
Contents of breakfast change depending on the day but as an example
Egg and vegetable sandwich
· Eggs, s …
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10/15 15:50
Single Room non-smoking

Renovated an old private house for more than 40 years and currently share it with 3 men and 1 woman, (It is easy to talk and kind ★) It will be recruited for the remaining one room.
It will mainly be a share house in the 20s and 30s.
· We are looking for rooms of 6000 tatami mat room for 2nd floor …
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10/08 14:24
Single Room non-smoking

Tokyo most convenient area In Shinjuku Station neighborhood, we are looking for private house with key!
It is a good location with a 10-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station.
Urban center access is outstanding ♪
Oedo Line Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station 8 minutes, JR Okubo Station 8 minutes, Marunouch …
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10/06 22:53
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Kanoko Kitaoji is a share house for women in Kitaoji, Kyoto.
We support all women's welfare in society.
There is a store space on the first floor and we are selling handmade works of local people.
In future it may be a cafe or a bar.
Tenants can also use the store space.
· 50,000 y …
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09/29 18:10

The first 60 days is 27,000 yen / 30 days.
Since then, large bed 36,000 yen, small bed 33,000 yen / 30 days.
In deposit 10,000 yen, 5,000 yen refunded upon departure.
Utility bills None.
Showers, washing machines, Dryers :100 yen.
The room is dormitory.

Metro Marunouchi Line, Nakano-Sh …

09/27 17:28
Single Room non-smoking

This month only campaign! ! 2 months rent free! !
One who wants to suppress the initial cost! Those who want to be saved! Big welcome! !
13 minutes on foot from Sonoda station on Hankyu Kobe Line! !
Excellent access to Umeda! !
There is also a parking lot storage place and there is no doubt comf …
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09/27 11:05
Single Room non-smoking

If you open the window of the living room with unique solid wood furniture, there is the second living room.
A wood deck of the same size as indoor living room spreads.
Hammocks, tents and so on, the mood is Grand Ping.
Time spent at home feel unusual!
There is a BBQ set on the terrace, and you …
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09/27 10:37
Single Room non-smoking

Are you looking for the place? so you are reading the right article, we have 2 rooms available in our House start on the 1 November. Please come to visit. We are located in Kanamachi, we have bicycle free use, the rent is 57000 Yens with everything (water, electricity, gas, internet, assuran …


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