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03/28 15:50
Single Room non-smoking

Near Shimokitazawa cafe appearance that is very similar to Greenwich Village in New York, a 3-minute walk from the living space preeminent live easy to Shimokitazawa Station, is the longing of Shimokitazawa life (^^)
24-hour hypermarket in the way back from the station, 100 yen shop, Lawson, Seven- …
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03/28 08:05
Single Room non-smoking

★ is a big detached with Toyoko Kikuna Station 4 minutes walk from the garden
It is a private property.

Shinkansen access in a 15-minute walk from the good location !! Shin-Yokohama Toyoko & JR Kikuna Station 4-minute walk of the express train stop station is also a very convenient locat …
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03/28 00:58
spacegreen aikawa
Single Room non-smoking

1-minute walk from Hankyu Aikawa Station.
Access convenient.
About 30 minutes to Osaka city, Kobe, Kyoto.
15 minutes without transfer to Umeda! !
All Public and Private spaces, all rooms renovation already! New construction is the same!
Couples Oky friends with each other is also Oky.
Air-cond …
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03/25 06:58
Single Room non-smoking

First floor and divided the second floor of the entrance, the first floor is legal guesthouse second floor is the share house of 3 rooms.
Each room 8 tatami mat + There is housed, is wide.
If you want to part-time job is to ask the cleaning of the first floor of the guest house on the first floor …

03/24 12:39
Single Room non-smoking

I think the interesting, if possible in the roommate.
10 minutes to Shinjuku, Sasazuka Station 2 minutes, recruiting small 4LDK private room
First month rent to deposit 15,000 yen possible tenants.
Short-term - long term is either OK.
All rooms have a private room, you need a very beautiful reno …
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03/21 00:43
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

It is very life easy town Shinkoiwa Station 12 minutes' walk.
Because they aligned, such as consumer electronics household goods, you can immediately life.
Single room 40000 yen
Double room 30000 yen
It is all the expenses 0 yen of non-utility costs. …

03/19 14:03
Single Room non-smoking

Is a share house to 4 mat 40,000 yen private room with Shinjuku walking distance Ushigome Yanagicho 1 minute key.
Why do not you share together in the Toei Oedo Line "Ushigome 栁町" station 1 minute walk from Shinjuku and Kagurazaka also great location within walking distance?
All rooms ar …
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03/16 23:51

· Rent 30,000 yen (including utility fee)!
· No deposit! Guarantor unnecessary!
· 5 minutes on foot to the station!
· Furnished! Laundry on site! No smoking!

[Cozy & Super low priced International share house]

Rent is 30,000 yen per month and includes utilities and high-speed internet. …
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03/16 00:09
Single Room

35 sq meters room with Queen size bed, Living room with 50 inch TV and mini-kitchen, and wooden Japanese style bath room.Just 4 mins from JR Yurakucho stn and Metro Hibiya stn. Also Metro Ginza stn in near by, in 5 mins walk. You can ealisy access to two JR lines (Yamanote, Keihin-tohoku), and five …

03/14 19:43
Single Room non-smoking

This house was just renovated.
Dormitory room Room in the House of the two-storey, private room 2 room.
Utilities, is included Internet fee!
Initial cost 100,000 yen, which will be charged 50,000 yen 50,000 yen and the deposit of the month started to live.
When you leave, deposit will be refunde …


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