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04/19 13:24

It is guest house Tokyo Nakano Branch in Nakano Shimbashi.
I am currently recruiting new residents.
The first 60 days is 27,000 yen / 30 days.
Large bed 36,000 yen, small bed 33,000 yen.
Deposit 10,000 yen.
The room is dormitory, so, personal privacy is limited, but everyone
Tho …

04/19 00:13
Single Room non-smoking
The shared section is cleaned by the dedicated staff, so the inside of the hall is always beautiful.
4 minutes on foot from Edogawa Station on Keisei Main Line.
(34 minutes from Edogawa station to Tokyo station)
One minute walk to the 7-Eleven.
From 4 t …
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04/17 20:26
Single Room non-smoking

Luxury share house with Japanese-style room and Japanese garden in Kitanoda,Sakai-city,Osaka.
The closest station is Kitanoda.(Nankai Koya Line)
It’s easy to get to Namba and Koya-san(Kitanoda is on the way to Koyasan )
20mins to Namba.

Share room 30000 yen / month
Private room 35000 yen ~ 60 …
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04/09 15:10
Single Room non-smoking

【There is indoor bicycle parking · Parking in the garage · 7 rooms in total】 It is a 6 minute walk to the nearest bus stop and 15 minutes to the Osaka station.
You can even bicycle commute to Umeda.
Indoor bicycle parking lot is also complete, so even cyclists are safe.
The bus to Umeda is conven …
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04/05 17:31
Single Room non-smoking

It is an international shared house of all rooms private room, 9 minutes on foot from Tabata Station.
Access to Ueno, Akihabara, Tokyo, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, etc. are convenient and convenient.
Each room has a veranda, you can live comfortably and sunny.
Since it is close to business supermarket, …
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04/05 17:15
Single Room non-smoking

Tokyo most convenient area In Shinjuku Station neighborhood, we are looking for private house with key!
It is a good location with a 10-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station.
Urban center access is outstanding ♪
Oedo Line Shinjuku Nishiguchi Station 8 minutes, JR Okubo Station 8 minutes, Marunouch …
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04/04 13:54
Male only

Oedo Line Shin-Okachimachi Station a 5-minute walk
Akihabara Station is also an 11-minute walk away.
Tokyo Station, Ueno, Kanda, Yurakucho, Shimbashi, Kinshicho, Ochanomizu, Aqueduct, Iidabashi, Hibiya, Asakusa direction is good access.
It is a detached share house (dormitory type) of a downtown …

03/30 12:14
Female only

Tobu Sky Tree Line Takenotsuka Station 9 minutes on foot
Seven minutes by train to Kitasenju!
21 minutes by train to Ueno station!
2 beds × 10 rooms
¥ 28,000 / one bed
Including utilities
Women only
Address 4-9-13 Takeshinozuka, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Those who are late at work overtime or drinkin …
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03/29 20:49
Single Room non-smoking

※ Aichi Prefecture Share House Room Mate Wanted ※
8 sharehouses in Aichi Prefecture is operated Nagoya is the share
All rooms can be accommodated immediately by toilet bath
Please consider sharehouse with lots of fun, cheap, household appliances than living alone
Since moving is also accepted fr …
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03/24 21:36
Female only

If you do not know girls in a shared room, it is only a rent free shipping water utility fee 1 month 3,000 yen.
I can live for only 100 yen a day.
Presentation of identification card is unnecessary.
There is no age limit.
The exhibition and the occupancy will be from Sunday morning 10 am to 22 n …


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