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6th floor of a shallow condominium near the station

No.223005 Sublet
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? yuzu
Region ? Kawasaki Kawasaki
Date posted 2021/04/19 16:48
Rent ? 70,000yen(per month)
Gender No preference ?
Contact ?

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We will lend you a whole apartment!
Why don't you live in a beautiful new condominium with a nice view?
Free WIFI and furniture with home appliances!
It is an apartment on the 6th floor with a spacious balcony and a view of the night view.
It is a convenient location near the station (within a 3-minute walk) and easy access to the city center.
Convenience stores are also within a 1-minute walk, so life is not inconvenient.
It is a three-sided corner room and has a quiet living environment, so it can also be used for teleworking.
We have everything you need for your daily life, such as a refrigerator, washing machine, and microwave oven.
The age, gender, and nationality of the resident do not matter.
Since the preview is basically only on Sundays, I don't know if I can move in immediately, but I will respond as soon as possible.
We are recruiting on this site without going through a real estate company, and the reason why it is cheaper than the market price is that we are not doing it with a volunteer spirit (rather, we are recruiting because we are in trouble with money ...) ..
Translation 1: My resident's card and address are left in the condominium, so I go to my house about once a week to check the mail.
Translation # 2: There may be visitors (at most twice a month), so we may ask you to go out for about 20 minutes (use the room cleanly so that there is no problem even if there are visitors). ..
Translation 3: Since the period of stay cannot be set, if you request to move out from here, it is a condition that you can move out within 1 to 2 months.
If you have any inquiries about why there is such a reason, we will answer all honestly.
I hope to meet people who meet the conditions and circumstances!
・ Pets
・ Those who cannot prove their identity
・ Those who cannot prepare a deposit
Other equipment:
Free WIFI, delivery locker, 24-hour garbage removal, bathroom window, bathroom dryer, floor heating
* The nearest station is Kawasaki Station, which is within walking distance to specify a rough location, but it is not a 3-minute walk. Please contact us for details.
About other expenses ...
Please bear the utility bill at the actual cost.
The deposit is for one month's rent and will be returned when you move out if there are no problems.

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Single Room
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