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No.229365 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? 綾乃
Region ? Okinawa
Date posted 2022/09/14 23:11
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2022/07/03 15:35
Rent ? 35000 yen (per month)
Gender Female only ?
Contact ?

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Inquiry →
Thank you for visiting.
It is a share house with furniture and home appliances.
No need for troublesome examinations, guarantors, or deposits!
~ Can be previewed ~
Inquiry →
Tamaki (female)
■ Thomas Apartment Opposite Futenma
■ 2 minutes walk to Futenma San-A
The surrounding area is a bar for snacks, so it may be noisy at night.
Please apply only for those who can approve.
★ 2 minutes walk from the bus stop
★ 2 minutes walk to Super San-A Futenma store
★ 20 minutes by bus to Chatan Town Alaha Beach (1 transfer)
20 minutes by bicycle
10 minutes by car
★ There are izakaya and cafes nearby
7 rooms in total!
One household is a share house to make a two-family house,
The other house will be rented out in a monthly apartment.

Two places each for the entrance, kitchen, bath, and toilet!
Indoor remodeling completed
Each room has 6 to 8 tatami mats, so you can spend a relaxing time.
Well-ventilated and sunny!
Free parking of bicycles and mopeds!
A separate parking fee will be charged for the car.
→ 6,000 yen per month
■ Equipment
★ Common area ★
Hikari wifi
Kitchen, refrigerator, gas stove, cooking utensils
Microwave oven, rice cooker, toaster, kettle, dining table
Washing machine, shower, bathtub
Shared terrace
→ Terrace table, chair, laundry drying area

★ Private room ★
Room size 6-8 tatami mats ✖️ 7 rooms
Bed, bedding set, TV (no terrestrial broadcasting.
You can see youtube etc.) Air conditioner, curtain, shelf
Desk or table
【Initial cost】
6 tatami room → 35000
8 tatami room → 38,000 yen
Common service fee 10,000 yen
Cleaning fee 5000 yen (first time only)
■ Utility fee Common service fee (total 10,000 yen / month)
(Electricity, water, gas, light WIFI, shampoo, rinse, laundry detergent, fabric softener, kitchen detergent, cleaning tools, toilet paper, tissue, regular cleaning included)
House rule excerpt
(There are house rules with this kind of content)
-Let's say hello
-Let's spend quietly after 22:00
-Let's use the shared part neatly
-Drug ban
-Let's treat with compassion
-Please cooperate in saving electricity and water.
* Prepaid charges are required.
Confirmation of ID with photo.
We do not accept those who have extremely bad manners or who do not follow the house rules.

* No smoking in the room
About the owner
A man who loves fishing and a female friend who runs multiple share houses in Okinawa will start up ☺️
We are operating 4 share houses in Okinawa prefecture!
I like the sea and I like overseas.
Thank you!

Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
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