4min walk to Nishiohjima 12min walk to Kameido sta

No.229931 Have Room
Single Room ドミトリーのみの提供です
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? 犬neko
Region ? Tokyo Koto
Date posted 2022/12/05 09:30
If ads is edited? ? Edited from initial post
2022/09/06 05:39
Rent ? 19800 yen (per month)
Gender all genders ?
Contact ?

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4min walk to Nishiohjima 12min walk to Kameido station. I'm looking for a room share mate, my place is 2LDK 50m2, I'll let you use one of the rooms. The rent is JPY59800 a month
★ Room ★ * See photo
★ Shared facilities ★ Living room and dining room (10 tatami mats wide and calm space), kitchen (equipped with cooking utensils, sufficient storage), bath (fully automatic boiling water)
, Fully automatic washing machine toilet
★ Conditions for moving in ★ Rent 49,800 yen / month
Utility cost 10,000 yen / month
Price cuts for people who do chores
, Security deposit 10000 when moving in
* We ask that you confirm your identity and thoroughly follow the rules of life so that you can enjoy a communal life with peace of mind.
★ Questions / Requests for preview ★ When requesting a preview, please send us your name, age, desired time to move in, and other questions by e-mail.
* Details will be explained on-site at the time of preview.
★ Environment ★
Convenient transportation, shopping (cheap prices), safe, lively and friendly downtown
In a quiet residential area near the station and where you can walk safely at night, you can live a safe and comfortable communal life like your own home.
◎ Convenient transportation ⇒
◎ Easy to live in ⇒ The shopping street is lively with cheap daily necessities, restaurants can eat until late at night, and there are general hospitals and major financial institutions.
* There is a large shopping mall Ario, so if you are in trouble, please contact us for rent.

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