Myoko City [Detached house with store 5DK] Share house, sublease, private lodging OK!

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Nickname ? nosokohouse
Region ? Niigata
Date posted 2023/01/01 09:36
Rent ? 50000 yen (per month)
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Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture [Detached house 5DK + store] [DIY possible] [Sublease (private lodging) possible] [Room share possible]
It is a rental detached house with a store located 22 minutes on foot from Arai Station.
Deposit 0 yen!
No key money!
Management fee 0 yen! !
Since it is a direct contract with the landlord, there is no brokerage fee! !
The only cost required to move in is the first month's rent.
The initial cost is 0 yen, so you can spend money on DIY!
(*Please refrain from short-term stays of 6 months or less.)
・You can freely DIY! How about those who want to live while customizing themselves to their liking?
(For DIY, it is not necessary to return to the original state when moving out.)
・Room sharing is possible! It can be subleased, so it can be used as a dormitory or private lodging.
・Pets allowed! (up to 3 animals)
・Foreigners OK!
detached house
Rent: 52,000 yen/month
Myoko Haneuma Line "Arai Station" 22 minutes on foot
Structure: Wooden
Floor plan: 5DK
Land area: 115.960m2 (about 35 tsubo)
Building area: 142.100m2 (about 43 tsubo)
Year built: December 1973
Gas: City gas / Water supply: Public water supply / Sewage: Main sewage / Toilet: Flush
Since the first floor is a store space (former motorcycle shop),
We can propose the following space utilization while living.
・Restaurant, cafe, private lodging, rental cycle, etc…
・Warehouses, material storage areas, garages for bicycles, motorcycles, snow blowers, etc.
・Cram schools, lectures, seminars
・ Atelier, solo exhibition venue
・Shooting studio, Youtube studio
・E-sports venue, table tennis, darts bar, mahjong, various game fields
・Manga cafe, co-working space
・Off-line meeting, girls-only gathering, photo session
・Nursery school, daycare center
・Breeder (*+3,000 yen per month if used for multiple breeding purposes)
And many other uses!
[Contract terms]
・Please take out fire insurance (renter's liability insurance) by yourself.
・Guarantor required (guarantor company possible, consultation possible)
・Renewal fee / 1 month (every 2 years)
・Since it is a DIY property that does not require management fees, we will leave the management after moving in to the tenant.
・Since the house has been vacant for several years, there are some pains and stains.
I will not remodel, only those who can approve the current delivery will be considered.
・If there is a failure in the lifeline equipment when you move in, we will pay for the repair.
(Air conditioners and TV antennas are excluded)
If there is a breakdown due to deterioration over time after two months of moving in, the tenant is responsible for repairs and replacements.
(Repair or replacement is not compulsory, so if you do not use it, you can leave it as it is.)
・Renting or subleasing to anti-social forces (used for crimes such as organized crime groups and fraud groups) is not allowed.
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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or requests for viewing.
★Profit information
For those who move into Myoko City from outside Myoko City, Myoko City will subsidize part of the rent and initial expenses at the time of signing the contract.
★Subsidy amount
Up to 15,000 yen per month, one-third of the rental housing rent, for two years from the month of grant decision, 3 of the total amount of key money at the time of contract, rent payment guarantee fee, or real estate transaction fee (including real estate brokerage fee) 120,000 yen limit for 2/2
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Rent(Not Share) 建物外観
Rent(Not Share) 建物外観
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