32 minutes to Shibuya station, Wi-Fi available in each room! Large house recommended for home worker

No.230197 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? 共立mentenansu
Region ? Yokohama Aoba
Date posted 2022/12/28 18:11
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2022/10/14 17:58
Rent ? 35000 yen (per month)
Gender all genders ?
Contact ?

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32 minutes to Shibuya station, 17 minutes to Machida, "Urban Terrace Fujigaoka" is a large share house with full facilities along the popular Den-en-toshi line.
The interior is arranged in a Danish modern style, and is a mature space where time flows slowly.
As facilities unique to a share house, there are facilities such as "Fitness room (for women only)", "Training room (for men only)" and "Theater room" that cannot be achieved by living alone.
This share house is recommended for those who want to live with a lot of share mates and have a good balance between work and private life.
*Danish Modern: Furniture design originating in Denmark in the 1940s and 1950s
Relaxed lounge/kitchen where modernity and nature merge
Simplicity + functionality = beauty.
The shared living room, decorated in a modern Danish style, is a fresh space that gives you a sense of calmness and ease of use.
The kitchen, which is directly connected to the lounge like a central kitchen, is sure to make you want to make something even if you don't often cook for yourself.
The lounge, which incorporates a lot of greenery and is polished with warm indirect lighting, is a central area where you can enjoy your time alone or chat with others.
If you don't want to be alone, spend a relaxing time here.
Something interesting might happen...?
Well-equipped fitness/training room and theater room
One of the big advantages of living in a share house is that you can use facilities that you would not be able to use if you lived alone.
Here at "Urban Terrace Fujigaoka", you can use a women-only fitness room, a men-only training room, and a very large theater room.
It is highly recommended for those who cannot go to the gym due to work, or who want to try yoga but do not have space or friends.
If you like watching movies or watching sports, make full use of the theater room.
You may be able to make new connections through your hobbies.
Enough space and well-equipped private room
The spacious private rooms are equipped with air conditioners, beds, desks, chairs, curtains, and refrigerators, so you can easily move in and start living from that day.
There is also a large storage space, so you can securely manage a large amount of luggage in your room.
Also, the entrance is auto-locked for perfect security!
There is also a delivery box, so I'm happy that I don't need an absentee ballot.
Of course, the mailboxes are separated for each person, so privacy is safe.
A prosperous and peaceful community
There is also good interaction between residents.
You can make memories like a share house, such as a voluntary Christmas party, a welcome party for new residents, watching soccer games, watching movies, and playing games together in the theater room.
“Urban Terrace Fujigaoka” is a place where you can enjoy a relaxed communal life with many share mates while making the most of the benefits of a share house.
If you get tired of going back and forth between work and bed, come to a share house.
Let's color your daily life with new life and friends.
【Common service fee】
6,000 yen/month
[Lifeline expenses]
11000 yen/month

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