5 minutes walk to Astram Line station ☆ Hiroshima ★ Female only

No.230532 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? furaihouse
Region ? Hiroshima AsaMinami
Stations nearby
Date posted 2023/02/17 20:26
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2022/12/04 20:24
Rent ? 28000 yen (per month)
Gender Female only ?
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【Spring campaign in!】
New life support spring campaign in progress ♪ It is usually 1,000 yen OFF ♪ throughout the contract period from rent
In addition there are various discounts!
☆ Female limited key private room 25,000 yen ~ 32,000 yen
☆ 5 minutes on foot from Astram Line Station!
☆ All rooms reasonable price ♪
We are looking for tenants of a newly opened share house (Frei-House (fly house) accompanying station) along the Astram line of the city "Anzanami" which is very easy to live in Hiroshima.

There are no other buildings outside the window because the share house is located on the corner ground.
Good in sunlight in each room in 3 directions! Good ventilation! Good view ♪
In addition to being able to open windows, you can feel the natural wind, but because it employs double-glazed windows (or pair glass) and blackout curtains in all rooms, sound insulation / light blocking and dew condensation measures are perfect.
It is a perfect environment for women who are quiet, safe to live and live in because they are located in residential areas.
Access from the popular Astram Line station to the city center is outstanding! The last train from the city is also late and it is very easy to live in.
■ Individual room information (as of H 30.4.15)
1F 101 (Japanese) / Japanese 6 / 【In moving in]
Southeast sunshine outstanding !! Only modern Japanese room ♪
1F 102 (Green) / Western 6 / 【In moving in]
Excellent access to shared veranda !!
2F 201 (Pink) / Western 6 / [Moving in]
Excellent Southeast sunshine! Good view !!
2F 202 (Yellow) / Western 6 / 【In moving in]
House lowest price! Good view !!
2F 203 (Blue) / Western 6 / 【Available room】 ¥ 29,000
With a private veranda! Excellent view!
At a regular price of 32,000 yen, Spring campaign & ♪ to 29,000 yen by allotment for a long time
■ Concept
"Living" is very difficult to change living because it costs very much money.
Frei-House (fly house) cherishes your life only once with the concept of "more freedom" without being caught "living"!
Basic information
· Number of residents: 5
· Rent: 25,000 ~ 32,000 yen (tax included)
· Utility expenses: 10,000 yen / month (tax included)
· Internet: free
· Fire insurance: free
· Contract period: 1 year (with re-contract) Short term OK
· Tenancy conditions: Women (Foreign women OK)
· Guarantor: Unnecessary (Deposit 20,000 yen)
Main facilities
· Living room: TV, refrigerator, microwave, stove, toaster, kettle, rice cooker, various dishes, cordless vacuum cleaner
· Water circulation: washstand with shower, bathroom, western style toilet (washlette equipped), washing machine
· Entrance: number formula, sensor LED light, monitor phone
· Individual room: desk, chair, air conditioner, bed, storage, hanger, LED lighting, whole body mirror, indoor laundry washing, light shielding curtain
· Internet: WiFi (free)
· Parking lot: 1 car (3,000 yen / month)
■ Access
Astram Line "Baba station" 5 minutes on foot
【Public Transportation ~ To Entrance】
· 15 minutes from Omachi (JR · Astram line transit station)
· 24 minutes from Shin Hakushima (JR Sanyo main line · Astram line transit station)
· 8 minutes from wide area park station
· 29 minutes from Main Street (city center)
【Private car】
· 10 minutes from Gofuka IC
· 13 minutes from Hiroshima IC
· 1.0 km from Numata PA (highway bus stop) (15 minutes on foot)
■ Surrounding facilities
· Convenience store (Lawson 4 min walk)
· Super (Yume Mart walk 12 minutes) (Big house 14 min walk)
· 100 yen shop (12 minutes on foot from Daiso)
· Electric store (Edion on foot 9 minutes)

Guesthouse リビング
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 洗面所
Guesthouse キッチン
Guesthouse 玄関
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