* Newly opened * [Furnished with home appliances] Longing for Hankyu line ◎ Social house in Shijo Om

No.230922 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? KANA
Region ? Kyoto Shimogyo
Date posted 2023/04/24 14:00
Rent ? 36000 yen (per month)
Gender all genders ?
Contact ?

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Thank you for choosing Social House Shijo Omiya from among many properties.
Social House Shijo Omiya is scheduled to open in February 2023.
It is a share house in a good location, a 5-minute walk from Hankyu Omiya Station in Kyoto.
In addition, all rooms have a key and are completely private rooms.
It is perfect for those who want to experience a share house while protecting their privacy.
Even beginners who have never lived in a share house can live with peace of mind, so please feel free to contact us.
≪What is a share house?

share house
It is a way of living in which multiple people share common spaces and equipment.
If you live alone, you have to bear all the expenses for facilities such as baths, kitchens, and home appliances that you use only a few times a day.
The big advantage of a share house is that you can keep costs low by sharing (=dividing) those facilities among multiple people, and you can use higher grade facilities.
□ Occupations of past residents
Listed companies, doctors, nurses, company executives, media relations (active announcers), YouTubers, real estate industry, IT-related (programmers, designers), beauticians, nursery teachers, civil servants (firefighters and city hall employees), freelancers, etc. .
♡Household appliances shared with the property‎♡
Microwave, toaster, gas stove
Kettle, refrigerator, rice cooker, tableware, cooking utensils,
Washing machine, 24 hours OK Of course it's free.
Wi-Fi (optical line)
There is a bicycle parking area, there is a motorcycle parking area,
Convenience stores, supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, cleaning shops, etc. are nearby, so there is almost nothing to worry about in your daily life! There are also shopping streets, 100-yen shops, and public baths.
As a condition of entry,
We ask for the contact information of someone other than the contractor as an emergency contact.
As a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, we are spraying ventilation and disinfecting sprays in the property several times a day.
You can also take a free PCR test in the share house.
In addition, regular hand soap is already installed in the kitchen and washroom.
[Recruitment room]
◇ Room details ◇
storage, air conditioner, lighting, with key
★Each room★
[Room 101 (Western-style room)] 7.5 tatami mats (13.68 m2) (vacant) ¥46,000
[Room 201 (Western-style room)] 6.5 tatami mats (11.86 m2) (vacant) ¥48,000
[Room 202 (Western-style room)] 6.0 tatami mats (10.94㎡) (vacant) ¥36,000
[Room 203 (Japanese-style room)] 6.0 tatami mats (10.94㎡) (vacant) ¥47,000
[Room 301 (Western-style room)] 6.5 tatami mats (11.86 m2) (vacant) ¥46,000
[Room 302 (Western-style room)] 6.5 tatami mats (11.86 m2) (vacant) ¥46,000
[Room 303 (Western-style room)] 6.0 tatami mats (10.94 m2) (vacant) ¥46,000
*We will keep 30,000 yen as a security deposit.
*5000 yen will be charged as a cleaning fee when you move out.
* Bicycle parking spaces are limited, so please contact us each time.
*A common service fee of 10,000 yen is charged separately.
* Electricity, gas, water, and internet (Wi-Fi) charges are included in the common service fee.
*Please take out fire insurance.
●Moving-in flow
Application for preview

Application (application form)

Contract Information / Deposit Payment

Contract / move-in (copy of ID card)
[Shared equipment]
Toilet, bathroom, washing machine, kitchen, refrigerator, microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, electric heater, TV, hair dryer, IH stove (3 burners), electric kettle, etc...
Hankyu Kyoto Line "Omiya" Station 《5 minutes on foot》
Hankyu Kyoto Line "Karasuma" Station 《7 minutes on foot》
Kyoto Municipal Tozai Line "Nijo" Station 《7 minutes on foot》
Municipal Subway Tozai Line "Nijojo-mae" Station (11 minutes on foot)
Kyoto Municipal Tozai Line "Karasuma Oike" Station 《15 minutes on foot》
Please note that the room is non-smoking.
I would like to discuss and decide the rules for living with residents at any time.
※Futon rental 500 yen/month
*Bicycle parking space: 1 free per person (motorcycles allowed), 500 yen/month from the second
※Bicycle rental 500 yen/month
*Equipped with alcohol hand gel, disinfectant, disposable hand towels, etc. to prevent coronavirus.
* The room will be thoroughly disinfected and sterilized before moving in.
Q.Is the washing machine free?
Is it coin operated?
A.It is free.
Q.Is there a convenience store nearby?
A.Family Mart and 7-Eleven are nearby.
Q.Are pets allowed?
A.It is prohibited regardless of animal species.
The amount of foliage plants that you can manage yourself is OK.
Q.Are there any foreigners living in the house now?
A.We are planning to open in February, so you have not yet come.
Q.Is it okay for friends and family to stay?
A.It is OK if it is up to 1 week in a row.
(We have received a donation of 1500 yen per night.
Q.Are showers free?
Is it coin operated?
A.It is free.
* Shampoo, conditioner, etc. will be prepared by each person.
Q.Is there an initial cost?
A.We ask for daily rent and security deposit for the month you move in.
No administrative fees are charged.
[Money required when moving in]
・Daily rent for the month you move in
・Deposit 15,000 yen
Q.Do the residents clean up?
What does a management company do?
A.This is a small share house that I personally run, so there is no cleaning person.
Cleaning is done by residents.
Q.Is it okay to leave the address on the resident card and residence visa?
A.No problem.
However, if you want to put your resident card, please tell the manager.
Q.Can I move in immediately?
A.If the room is vacant, you can move in immediately.
Q.Is it possible to share a room with a friend?
A.It is OK to share one room with two friends.
In that case, rent will be plus 10,000 yen and common service fee will be 10,000 yen.
Q.Can I move in without a tour?
A.In order to prevent mismatches between tenants, we always ask you to visit our share house before moving in.
Please contact us if you are unable to visit the facility due to distance, such as in a rural area or overseas.
Until the end Thank you for reading!
Feel free to contact us for more details!
We also do previews at any time ^ ^
Thank you very much.
Please feel free to contact us on LINE.
Mobile: 080-4233-0037
LINE ID: Kento.taniyama
[QR code]
■Web: http://guesthouse-jp.asia/
■Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sanjo.house/
■ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sanjo.share.house/
■Social House is a private-oriented share house that started in Kyoto in 2017.
Originally, I was asked if I could rent a house because I live in two households with my parents at my high school senior's parents' house.
I decided to make this a share house because I wanted to make this house full of memories of my parents a place full of love.
I would like to create a space where all the residents are like a family, not just an ordinary share house.
Have you ever lived alone and come home from work to find your room cold?
There is also warmth in having people at home.
I think it's a great pleasure to be able to say "I'm back" or "I'm going" as if it were a matter of course.
In addition to being happy, I think there are also concerns about living in a share house.
When it comes to living in a share house, I wondered if I wouldn't have time to be alone, or would I be able to live with other people?
I think there are many concerns.
For such people, there is a social house.
By adopting a manager system, there is no trouble between residents.
As an image, there is a manager of the apartment
and chills please.
In a social house, everyone lives together while respecting their privacy.
Many people say that they are happy or happy that they chose this share house.
Social House Representative Taniyama
[Recruitment of other houses]
▼Social House in Shijo Omiya
Area: Matsumoto-cho, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto City
Nearest: Hankyu Omiya Station / Subway Shijo Station
Features: downtown / near station
Layout: 7LDK
Rent: From 46,000 yen
[Recruitment of other houses]
▼Social House in Kyoto Sanjo
Area: Kawashicho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City
Nearest: JR Nijo Station / Hankyu Omiya Station / Subway Nijo Station / Subway Nijojo-mae Station
Features: downtown / near station / beautiful / small group
Layout: 4LDK
Rent: From 46,000 yen
[Recruitment of other houses]
▼Social House in Sanjo Shopping Street
Area: Kawashicho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City
Nearest: JR Nijo Station / Hankyu Omiya Station / Subway Nijo Station / Subway Nijojo-mae Station
Features: downtown / near station / beautiful / small group
Layout: 6LDK
Rent: From 30,000 yen

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