Healed life with a cat with a pedigree in the best remote work♪ 2minutes walk from the station.

No.231075 Have Room
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? AK
Region ? Kawasaki Nakahara
Stations nearby
JR南武線 向河原
JR南武線 武蔵小杉
JR横須賀線 武蔵小杉
東急東横線 武蔵小杉
東急目黒線 武蔵小杉
Date posted 2023/07/30 23:49
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2023/03/08 21:48
Rent ? 56000 yen (per month)
Gender all genders ?
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※Available from 2022/1/12.
A 2-minute walk from the nearest station, we will rent a completely private room with an external key for 14,000 yen a week in the Musashi Kosugi area.
Utilities and other expenses are 3,000 yen a week.
Shared consumables such as toilet paper and dishwashing liquid are basically provided by the owner.
Free mineral water.
Various buses are available on 5 train lines.
Tokyo, Shinjuku, Shinagawa, Shibuya, Yokohama, Kawasaki, Narita Airport, Haneda Airport, all without transfer.
Convenience stores, restaurants, post offices, parks, parking lots, cleaning, hospitals, dentists, etc. are all within a 2-minute walk.
There is also.
A 10-minute walk to supermarkets and large shopping malls.
● Nearest station
2 minutes walk from "Mukaigawara Station" on the JR Nambu Line
6 minutes walk from "Musashi-Kosugi Station" on the JR Yokosuka Line
14 minutes walk from "Musashi-Kosugi Station" on the Tokyu Toyoko Line and Tokyu Meguro Line
● House and room
It is a 2LDK apartment with a TV intercom on the 3rd floor.
The building itself is old, but the interior is a renovated designer property.
I think that you can use the Internet more comfortably than an ordinary apartment house because you have an individual optical line in addition to the line provided in the condominium that is shared by all residents.
Furthermore, a 60A contract that is safe to prevent the breaker from falling! Remote work is also safe!
Introducing a spacious gaming chair that allows you to sit cross-legged on your desk with air conditioning, bed, closet, TV, and easy-to-move desk in the private room you rent! In the living room, there are various game consoles such as firestick TV and PS4 as well as a large TV.
Must-see for movie lovers.
The vacuum cleaner is Dyson's cordless and easy.
Not only rice cookers and kettles, but also food processors and microwave ovens are placed in the three gas ranges, so you can cook your own meals.
The surroundings are full of houses and the scenery from the balcony is not good, but the sunlight is good!
The owner basically cleans the common areas.
I have one glossy silver-haired Russian Blue.
I'm Tsundere, but I love having them play! Of course, the owner takes care of everything, meaning a free cat cafe !?
Also, if you don't mind coming from here, if you lock the room, you will not be able to enter the private room, so it is safe for those who do not like animals.
● Conditions for moving in
・ Non-smokers.
・ Those who can pay a deposit when moving in.
(4 weeks worth.
In principle, if there is no trouble, we will refund the full amount when you move out.)
・ Those who can show their ID.
・ Those who can follow the rules.
・ Those who can speak Japanese.
(The owner can understand English a little, but we may refuse to move in if you can't speak Japanese.)
● Other
・ Minimum stay is 4 weeks.
If you are considering short-term use, please contact us first.
・ Since the owner originally lived a shared life overseas, he has a lot of sharing history and experience.
Basically, we will not over-interfere, but please share the minimum greetings and information necessary for living.
When I had time with my former housemate, I happened to chat and watch a movie while having a cup of tea.
・ I have been vaccinated twice.
As a measure against infectious diseases, we try to wear masks for each other as much as possible when chatting.
・ Please refrain from contacting us for purposes other than moving in.
Since there are people who are in trouble such as ridicule or slapstick, we may decline at the time of exchange depending on the content of the message you received.
If you are inexperienced in sharing and are uneasy, please be assured that we will explain before moving in.
Since it is a share with the owner, it seems that it is easy to live even for those who are reluctant to share with a large number of people and those who are not good at interacting.
Feel free to ask any questions!

Have Room リビング
Have Room キッチン
Have Room 個室
Have Room 個室
Have Room 個室
Have Room 個室
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