[Share house with full-fledged gym] JR Sobu Line Ichikawa Station

No.231374 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? &fit
Region ? Chiba
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京成本線 市川真間
Date posted 2023/08/13 01:21
Rent ? 39000 yen (per month)
Gender all genders ?
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A share house with a full-fledged gym has opened.
There are surprisingly many share houses with gyms, but there are almost no share houses that have an environment where you can train properly.
At &fit Ichikawa, we have prepared equipment comparable to a personal gym in the basement training room.
Various purposes such as body makeup and diet are OK.
In addition, all rooms are equipped with electronic locks for security.
If you are looking for a property in Kinshicho, Koiwa, or Shinkoiwa, please consider it.
■ Access
10 minutes walk to JR Sobu Line "Ichikawa Station"
Keisei "Ichikawamama Station" 15 minutes on foot and 2 lines available
18 minutes to "Tokyo Station" 34 minutes to "Shinjuku Station", excellent access to the city center
Private rooms: 7 rooms
Common service fee: 15,000 yen (including wi-fi utility bills)
Deposit: 30000 yen ← 0 yen per campaign
Name: &fit Ichikawa
Age limit: Up to 49 years old
Male/female: Yes
■ Rent
Room1: 58,000 yen Private room for 2 people
(16.0m2 air conditioner refrigerator dedicated kitchen WIC storage)
Room2: 53000 yen Private room
(10.2㎡ air conditioner storage)
Room3: 51000 yen Private room
(9.1m2 air conditioner storage)
Room4: 51000 yen Private room
(11.3m2 air conditioner storage)
Room5: 40000 yen Private room
(7.3m2 air conditioner storage desk chair)
Room6: 39000 yen Private room
(7.2m2 air conditioner storage desk chair)
Room7: 40000 yen Private room
(7.3m2 air conditioner storage desk chair)
■ Initial cost
Initial cost 0 yen campaign!
We are now able to guide you at the initial cost of 30,000 yen for the opening campaign.
You can move in with daily rent only.
■ Shared facilities
・Two toilets (Washlet)
・1 bathroom
・2 washing machines
・1 kitchen
・Japanese style room
・Cafe space
·Smoking area
・Bicycle parking space
■ Training room
・ Semi-commercial incline bench
・Rat machine
・ FLEXBELL (with pedestal)
・ Semi-commercial smith machine (half rack)
・Barbell 140kg
・Various attachments will also be available.
■ Recommended points
The appeal of Ichikawa Station is that it is safe for women living alone.
Because it is near the station, there is no need to worry about the living environment such as convenience stores and supermarkets.
Also, the attraction of &fit Ichikawa is not just the training room.
The kitchen is fully equipped for cooking classes, a Japanese-style room, a cafe area of 17.5 tatami mats, and a terrace.
There is a large park in the area, and the Edogawa River is flowing, and the Edogawa Ward Fireworks Festival, which was held every year before Corona, is scheduled to be held for the first time in four years.

Guesthouse 建物共用施設
Guesthouse リビング
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 建物外観
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