A 10-minute walk from Kumegawa Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line for a short period

No.231761 Sublet
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? maru
Region ? Tokyo Taito
Stations nearby
京成本線 京成関屋
Date posted 2023/12/17 21:00
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2023/07/11 14:21
Rent ? 40000 yen (per month)
Gender all genders ?
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From Kumegawa Station on the Seibu Shinjuku Line and Hagiyama Station on the Western Haijima Line and Tamako Line
Both are located 10 minutes on foot.
(Neighborhood reference rent is 70 to 100,000)
We will lend you the entire 2DK as a sublet.
It can be used for a short period or for 2 people.
The property is beautiful after a simple renovation.
● Separate bath and toilet (hot water supply instead of balance kettle)
● Reinforcing bars
You can rent furniture and home appliances in the facility.
The deposit is 10,000 yen for household goods and one month for rent.
(2 months for long-term users)
Full refund if there is no damage.
To move to the property on Nishi-Ojima on the Toei Shinjuku Line from February
Since it is a short period, we will lend it at a low price.
(Move in is required on the same day)
Sublet or share to Nishi-Oshima after moving
It doesn't matter if it continues.
(However, the rent will change)
We also accept parcel delivery at a low price.
(You can ask an acquaintance's delivery shop cheaply)
We give preferential treatment to those who are polite and those who can lend with confidence.
Please contact us for the period and conditions.
[Please be sure to inform us of the examination results and status after sending the photo]
There are many cases where it is unclear whether the exchange is continuing.
* We will not reply to unscrupulous sentences or if the communication tends to be interrupted.
* We cannot respond to requests for viewing that are too urgent.
Basically only on weekends.
* You can move in and out only on the day when you can attend.
Let's adjust.


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