No.231792 Sublet
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? maa
Region ? Tokyo Taito
Date posted 2023/09/30 18:09
Rent ? 100000 yen (per month)
Gender all genders ?
Contact ?

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陽当たり良好。カーテン閉めると暗くなります。WIFI、プリンター、事務机、冷蔵庫、炊飯器、ベッド、洗濯機、書類棚、掃除機、等々完備で自由に使って下さい。 窓は二つあります。



大家さんは私は今年は10月16日に一時帰国します。 多分2,3週間日本に居る予定です。 10月15日迄なら自由に使って頂いて構いません。


Good exposure to the sun
WIFI, printer, office desk, refrigerator, rice cooker, bed, washing machine, filing cabinet, vacuum cleaner, etc. are provided for your free use. There are two windows.
There is a table and a gaming chair? There is a comfortable chair to work.
Deposit will be collected for any damage or loss.

Across the street from the building, diagonally to the left, is Santoku, a very tasty and reputable mitsunoyaki and nikomi restaurant with a downtown atmosphere that has been used on location for TV dramas.

Go right out of the building and walk left (toward Morishita Station) for about 2 minutes without crossing the wide street (Kiyosumi-dori), and you will find the aforementioned landlord's bakery called Cattleya on your left along Kiyosumi-dori, right next to the entrance of Morishita Station. You can buy curry bread there and eat it in your room. It is a famous curry bread.

My landlord is going back to Japan temporarily on October 16 this year. I will probably be in Japan for a few weeks. You are free to use the room until October 15.
During that time, I will ask you to move out (rent will be discounted on a daily basis).

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Region: Tokyo Taito
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