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No.231851 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? hiro
Region ? Tokyo Suginami
Stations nearby
Date posted 2023/10/13 20:33
Rent ? 60000 yen (per month)
Gender all genders ?
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★Appeal point
- 3 minutes from the station! The nearest is Asagaya, which is reasonably lively and has a fun local feel.
- A sunny and spacious living room: You can comfortably work from home, read your friends and family and have a good time! (You can also stay overnight)
- A variety of facilities: bar counter, BBQ/home garden, personal belongings, but you can also share a pull-up bar, shisha, switch (with karaoke), and PS4!
Good location, 3 minutes on foot from JR Chuo Line Asagaya Station!
This building was once used as a boarding house for executives of a large company.
The spacious living room with an atrium structure boasts a wonderful sense of comfort.
With the departure of residents, we are looking for new residents.
Not only for singles, but also for couples and two friends.
[Characteristics: The living room has a calm atmosphere with an atrium]
Is the living room the most distinctive feature?
Although it is located on the first basement floor, it has an atrium structure on the first floor and is very spacious with high ceilings.
A moderate amount of outside light comes in through the windows, and the atmosphere changes from morning to evening.
There is also a bar counter in the living room, and there are various liquors! You can make a cocktail and drink it (please replenish as much as you drink lol).
About 3 minutes on foot from JR Chuo Line Asagaya Station.
It is located right after passing through the north exit shopping street.
Regarding access to major stations, if you take the JR line, it takes about 15 minutes to Shinjuku Station, and within 30 minutes to Tokyo Station.
In addition, Minami Asagaya Station on the Marunouchi Subway Line can be reached in about 12 minutes on foot, so it is recommended for those who are convenient for commuting to work or school on the Tokyo Metro.
In the unlikely event that JR stops, it will also be an insurance.
There are also several buses from Asagaya Station.
There is a Lawson Store 100 a minute's walk from the residence, where you can buy everything from daily necessities to food 24 hours a day.
In addition, there is Ito-Yokado at a 2-minute walk and Seiyu at a 3-minute walk.
Seiyu is open 24 hours.
Everything from fresh food to clothing is always available.
Asagaya is particularly lively in the south exit shopping street, and there are plenty of places to eat and drink.
You can cook for yourself, and eating out is easy.
[Recruiting private rooms]
It is a 6.5 tatami mat floor (2F).
A semi-double bed, mattress, and futon are provided, so there is no need to bring your own bed.
Since there is a washbasin in the room, there is no problem of batting when using the washbasin during busy morning hours.
I think it's especially useful for women.
Private rooms require a key.
[Number of occupants]
Up to 2 people.
Couples and friends can move in together.
In that case, the rent and common service fee will be described below.
Despite this facility and good location, the rent is 60,000 yen (monthly).
The common service fee (utilities, Wi-Fi, common equipment, etc.) is 15,000 yen per resident (monthly fee).
In other words, it will be 75,000 yen (monthly fee) for one person, and 90,000 yen (monthly fee) for two people.
On the 20th of the previous month, please hand over the rent + common service fee to the representative resident (*see below).
The common service fee includes tissues, toilet paper, kitchen equipment, etc.
Residents replenish voluntarily, and the representative residents pay the bills.
[Building details]
Detached 6LDK.
Parking for bicycles and motorbikes is also possible.
No extra charge for parking.
B1F: Kitchen, living room, bath, toilet, etc.
There are 3 toilets in total, one on each floor.
Two of them are warm water washing toilet seats.
We've never run out of toilets (laughs).
1F: Entrance, washing machine room, living room (2 Japanese-style rooms)
2F: Living room (4 floorings)
Completely non-smoking, air-conditioned and equipped with Wi-Fi.
There is a shared refrigerator.
Equipped with a vacuum cleaner, microwave oven, 2 stoves, tableware, and cooking utensils.
There is a 50-inch LCD TV in the living room (B1F).
Of course watching TV is fine.
[Tenant conditions]
・Non-smokers (Actually, smokers are fine, but the entire building site is non-smoking, so I think it would be difficult for smokers.)
・Those who can use Facebook / Messenger apps without problems (I use Messenger for information sharing and contact)
・Those who can cooperate and solve problems through discussion, including cleaning of common areas.
[It is OK to invite people and stay overnight]
In general, it's OK to invite friends and family.
There are no gender restrictions.
Current residents often invite family and friends.
It is OK to stay overnight.
However, regarding visits and accommodation, out of consideration for other residents and fairness in sharing common service fees, we ask residents to use the Messenger group in advance to share information.
It is important that we are comfortable with each other and that we continue to invite friends and family.
[Characteristics of residents]
Most people are in their 20s and 30s now.
As of June 2023, 4 people live (6 rooms).
There are various occupations such as advertising, human resources, and IT.
[Cost for moving in]
・Deposit: 60,000 yen
・First month's rent + common service fee (daily basis)
So in this case, 60,000 + 37,500 = ¥97,500 is the initial cost.
If you move in after June 20th, please give the representative resident the daily rent and the next month's rent at the same time.
[Others/Advance Disclosure Regarding Operation Form]
A-Camp is strictly a "room share" rather than a "share house".
Regarding the difference between a share house and a room share, the former is in the form of "an individual contract between the tenant and the management side".
On the other hand, the latter is a form of "move-in and move-out only by agreement between residents, rent is collected by the representative resident and paid to the real estate management company".
A-Camp is the latter, so new tenants do not need to sign a contract with a property management company.
There are three main advantages of room sharing.
The first is that there are no contract-related hassles or contract fees.
The second is that the rent is cheaper than with an individual contract.
The third thing is to be able to live comfortably by deciding things through dialogue and consensus among residents rather than strict rules.
Disadvantages are the flip side of the above advantages.
First, it doesn't make a clear contract, so it's not suitable for people who want to make a contract for some reason.
Second, if a resident leaves and there are no tenants after that, the rent burden will be transferred to other residents.
Therefore, when moving out, it is necessary for residents, including those who have moved out, to cooperate extensively to find a new tenant.
Third, there are no rules, so people who are not good at solving problems interactively (people who want to be managed by rules) may find it difficult to live in harmony.
【Reference information】
Around 2009, when A-Camp was openly recruited as a share house, there is an article on a web media specializing in share houses called "Hitsuji Real Estate."
The arrangement of furniture has changed a lot since then, but please refer to it.
★A-CAMP | Hitsuji Real Estate
★ Beverly Hills (= Asagaya) Youth White Paper | A-CAMP Review | Hitsuji Real Estate
that's all! If you are interested in moving in, please contact us via the email below or our Facebook page.
Email: asagaya.acamp@gmail.com
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/asagaya.acamp/
If there is no reply for more than 48 hours after inquiring, we may have overlooked it.
Sorry to trouble you, but please resend it or contact us by another means.

Guesthouse リビング
Guesthouse リビング
Guesthouse ベランダ
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
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