We are looking for tenants for 2 rooms starting in March in Tamachi, Minato Ward! ➡︎From 75,000 yen/

No.232747 Have Room
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? Ponchan
Region ? Tokyo Minato
Date posted 2024/05/10 01:27
Rent ? 55000 yen (per month)
Gender all genders ?
Contact ?

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Credit card required

●10 minutes walk from Tamachi Station on the JR Yamanote Line
(There is a 100 yen bus that goes directly to Roppongi Hills from Tamachi)
●3 minutes walk from Yurikamome Shibaura-futo Station
● 3DK room sharing.
●Each room is independent.

Please see the link below for a full view with a 360 degree camera.
(The dining table is stretchable and can seat 4 people!)
★You can transfer your resident card at a low price in Minato Ward, which is the most popular and ranked area.

★Minato Ward is the ward that provides the most generous administrative services to residents among the 23 wards and is financially affluent.
★Located in the safest area between police-related facilities and a police box.

★Side by Rainbow Bridge, you can travel to Odaiba and Toyosu with just a few Yurikamome stops and one pleasure boat ride.
★Accommodates 2 people, guests can stay.
★Only room C can be used as an office.
★ You can rent the multi-storey parking lot on the premises for 25,000 yen.
(optional/consultation required)
・A rare and valuable property in Minato Ward where you can park your bicycle as much as you like
・Lawson is opposite
・7-Eleven, cafe, restaurant, cafeteria specializing in set meals, internal medicine, dentistry, ophthalmology ・Aeon, Kentucky, cleaning, etc. within 30 seconds walk
・The boat terminal to Odaiba is within a 3-minute walk
・A mobile vegetable and fruit sales vehicle will stop at the entrance of the building from morning to evening twice a week to sell fruits and vegetables.
・Washing machine and dryer included ・Furniture and appliances
・With wifi and key (bedding option)
・Cable TV overseas broadcast available
●1 to 5 months
[roomAB with balcony 6 tatami mats]
Private room 88,000 yen
Rent: 73,000 yen
Common fee 15,000 yen
Total 88,000 yen (deposit 30,000 yen when moving in) → 0 yen
[roomC without balcony 5 tatami mats]
Rent: 62,000 yen
Common fee 15,000 yen
Total 77000 yen
(Deposit 30,000 yen when moving in) → 0 yen
●Six months to 11 months contract
Rent: 70,000 yen
Common fee 15,000 yen
Total 85000 yen
Rent: 60,000 yen
Common fee 15,000 yen
Total 75000 yen
(Deposit 30,000 yen when moving in) → 0 yen
●1 year or more contract
➡︎10 days free rent
[roomAB] Approximately 25,000 yen cheaper per year
[roomC] About 20,000 yen cheaper per year

Have Room 個室
Have Room 個室
Have Room 個室
Have Room キッチン
Have Room 間取図
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