Parking available 1 minute walk from station Women only

No.232981 Have Room
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? himi
Region ? Tokyo Kita
Stations nearby
Date posted 2024/06/12 08:29
Rent ? 65000 yen (per month)
Gender all genders ?
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To the Keihin Tohoku Line Higashi-Jujo North Exit
1 minute walk.
There is a 7-Eleven on the road leading to the station.
Very convenient!
6 minutes walk from Jujo Station on the Saikyo Line!
If you cross the railroad crossing from your house, you can walk to the Jujo Ginza shopping arcade and head to the station.
For shopping, you can go to Daiso supermarket within 5 minutes walk.
There is a large supermarket within 10 minutes walk.
Akabane is also a 20-minute walk away.
It is rank
A large park, Shimizuzaka Park, is also within 10 minutes.
*There is one room available on the 1st floor, a left corner room with a 2-story entrance.
6 years old and still in good condition
¥65,000 per month (all utilities included)
6 tatami flooring + closet storage 3 windows
Air conditioner available, washing machine, shower, and toilet located on the 1st floor.
1 single bed available
We have futons for the number of people.
If you use a parking lot car + ¥10,000 per month
It doesn't cost anything else.
You can move in from 1 month.
We welcome short-term residents.
Long-term travelers are welcome.
Starting from 2 people, we will charge an additional ¥15,000 per person per month, and we will not charge anything else.
Payment methods are either hand delivery of one month's worth of cash on the first day, or bank transfer by the day before.
Since this house is rented, the maximum period of share is until December 2024.
We welcome foreigners! No matter your nationality.
Introducing my family
I recently moved here with a 5-year-old female Pome x Peki mix, a middle school girl, and my mother in her 40s.
We are Japanese, but we speak Chinese, Korean, and a little English, and our children attended a French school up to elementary school.
I will try my best to talk about various things!
Japanese people who want to take on the challenge are also welcome!My Japanese is the best.
Since I really wanted to find one in Jujo, I ended up renting one more room with a parking lot, so if anyone would like to share it with me, please contact me.
There is a living room and kitchen on the second floor.
It can be used, but dogs will bark until they get used to strangers, so it would be helpful if you are a dog lover.
Or those who don't care if you bark.
Once you get used to them, they are very friendly.
The living room has 19 tatami mats.
The kitchen also has a 3 burner stove, so if you don't mind, you can use it all!
I lived in a shared house since my 20s, but it got old and I moved to my current house.
I'm used to sharing!
If you have time, please come and have a look.
that's all.
thank you.
I'm having trouble uploading photos, so I'll send them via email!
Please feel free to ask any questions!

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