Fujiwara M Residence RJ, Misaki Town, Kume District

No.233038 Rent(Not Share)
Smoking no preference
Nickname ? 専業大家
Region ? Okayama
Date posted 2024/05/28 20:15
Rent ? 34000 yen (per month)
Gender all genders ?
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>>Please be sure to read to the end<
Please contact us if you are on welfare, single mothers, foreigners, or those who have experienced domestic violence.
We will respond as flexibly as possible.
Smoking is permitted and no restoration is required.
◆Room situation
Please see the photo for details.
This detached house faces a wide road lined with private houses in a quiet environment where the Yoshii River, one of Okayama's three major rivers, flows slowly.
● As the house is an old building, there are signs of deterioration over time, but inside there is a calm atmosphere reminiscent of the good old Showa era.
●Although it is a two-story building, it has a compact floor plan that is easy to manage even for a small number of people.
The clean bathtub with a blue color scheme is distinctive.
● You can see the vivid green mountain range from the north window on the second floor.
●We have installed a new air conditioner so you can experience the refreshing breeze.
●We'll be installing a new water heater, so you'll be able to take a relaxing bath this coming season.
◆Fujiwara, Misaki Town, Kume District, Okayama Prefecture
◆JR Hime Shin Line “Rinno Station” approx. 15.6km
◆2-story building
◆Floor plan: 4K
◆Land size: 46.58 tsubo (154.21 square meters) Register
◆Building size: 35.13 tsubo (116.16 square meters) Register
◆Building date: 1971
◆Parking: Yes
◆Free rent: 1 month
◆Rent: 34,000 yen (excluding tax)
◆Key money: 0 yen, security deposit: 0 yen
◆Brokerage fee 0 yen
◆Guarantee commission fee: Required (half price of rent)
◆Electricity: Chugoku Electric Power
◆Gas: Individual propane
◆Water supply: Public water supply
◆Sewage: pumping
Foreigners, single mothers, and elderly people are all welcome!
◆ Early cancellation fee
A cancellation fee will be charged if you move out within 2 years.
Cancellation within 1 year
Penalty fee equivalent to 2 months rent
Cancellation from 1 year to 2 years
Penalty fee equivalent to one month's rent
◆Pet breeding
Pets are allowed, although the rent will be higher.
・No increase in small dogs
・Medium-sized dog + 2,000 yen/dog
・Large dog + 3,000 yen/dog
・Cat+2,000 yen/cat
*Up to 3 pets allowed in total
Deposit for pet: 2 months
【nearby information】
Transportation facilities:
Rinno Station 21 minutes by car (15.6km)
Tsuyama Station 21 minutes by car (17.4km)
Obara Station 21 minutes by car (18.3km)
Super Hitomi 14 minutes walk
Happy Mart Yoshii store 8 minutes by car
Takahara Co., Ltd. Tioyoshii store 8 minutes by car
Vegetable direct sales store 10 minutes by car
Takada Store 9 minutes by car (6.8km)
convenience store:
7-Eleven Akaiwa Susai store 10 minutes by car
Lawson Kume Misakicho Ooto store 7 minutes by car
Lawson Akaiwa Yoshii store 11 minutes by car
Lawson Mimasaka Fukumoto store 11 minutes by car
7-Eleven Kumeninamachi Kamiyage store 17 minutes by car
Family Restaurant Tsuboya 1 minute by car
Tamago-kake gohan restaurant Ran 3 minutes by car
Ajisai 7 minutes by car
My room 9 minutes by car
Small rice restaurant Yui no Hana 9 minutes by car
Taiwanese restaurant Hougen Akaiwa branch 9 minutes by car
Sahara Hospital 2 minutes by car
Mori Clinic 8 minutes by car
Sato Memorial Hospital 21 minutes by car
Sahara Fureai Mine Park 4 minutes by car
Yoshii Shiroyama Park 12 minutes by car
Donomae Park 19 minutes by car
sports gym:
Curves Tsuyama Nishi 26 minutes by car
Curves Aeon Tsuyama 21 minutes by car
Tourist attractions:
Blood wash waterfall 15 minutes by car
2 minutes by car from Sakuhara no Oiwa
Sahara Fureai Mine Park 4 minutes by car
Kotodan Falls 24 minutes by car
Oyama Observation Deck 22 minutes by car
Cultural facility:
Katsuo Town Katsuo Culture Hall 22 minutes by car
Tsuyama Cultural Center 24 minutes by car
Tsuyama Yayoi no Sato Cultural Properties Center 25 minutes by car
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