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Auto-lock of recruiting ※ peace of mind from Koto

No.233201 Have Room
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? masa
Region ? Tokyo Koto
Stations nearby
Date posted 2024/06/21 08:45
If ads is edited? ? Edited from initial post
2024/04/07 08:45
Rent ? 43000 yen (per month)
Gender Female only ?
Contact ?

Contact this poster by e-mail


Nice to meet you.
Since 4LDK of room is left over, I would like to lend you.
● condominium 10 floors of the 10th floor of the room {with auto lock}
● Toei Shinjuku Line {Nishi Ojima Station} a 5-minute walk from the ◎ Shinjuku until 23 minutes ◎ JR Kameido a 15-minute walk away (5 minutes Toei bus)
● 2-minute walk to the nearest bus stop
● better access to each district
● all non smoking
● All rooms have closet
● All rooms are air-conditioned
● veranda clothesline field washing machine equipped (who hygiene is a concern is located launderette near)
● Kitchen Available joint refrigerator rice cooker gas stove microwave oven
● (with dryer) bath co.
In winter you can use the bathroom and warm.
(If you hygiene is a concern is located bathhouse near)
● for trouble prevention, it is easy to accept if there are things that can something identification.
(It will be the original copy, and then return when they are leaving)
● students Allowed (conditions apply)
● The user (a person. Cleanliness) women only ※ use of other than the contractor is prohibited in principle (such as friends staying)
● but also foreign visitors is OK, who can speak Japanese.
(A person of flawless) ※ use of other than the contractor is prohibited (such as friends staying)
● I ask by a rent prepayment without deposit.
In the case of entry of in the middle of the month, you will in the prorated
● utility costs will be calculated compared to the current use fee.
(Rounded down)
● 5-minute walk from the super Daiei ● Kitasuna Ario a 7-minute walk from the ● Kameido 15-minute walk from the Don Quixote
● Italian Chinese, Indian curry, soba noodle restaurant, grilled meat, grilled chicken ramen, Sukiya, Yoshinoya, tavern-origin, such as restaurants and many others
● Convenience store number (Lawson Family Mart, Seven-Eleven, MINISTOP)
● to Tokyo Sky Tree to Nishi Ojima Station - the push-up station 13 minutes (including one-time transfer)
● There Kumin Center on the ground outlet just off (such as in a library)
● There Kumin sports center in a 7-minute walk (training gym pool 2 hours each 400 yen ◎ sauna room 1000 yen)
● There are five minutes General Hospital-departmental hospitals and Osteopathic Council within walking distance
● There Shiatsu Massage Thai-Chinese
● 3-minute walk beside Jitsuken River and Sarue Imperial Park
● living environment favorable
Who was worrisome, the First of all, please contact us at once!
Please just do not hesitate to contact us.

Have Room 眺望
Have Room 眺望
Have Room 個室
Have Room 収納
Have Room 収納
Have Room 個室
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