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If you are in urgent need of a place to stay near Osaka City, please contact us.

No.233267 Have Room
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? hunter
Region ? Osaka Kita
Stations nearby
JR東西線 北新地
京阪本線 天満橋
京阪本線 淀屋橋
Date posted 2024/04/25 07:39
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2024/04/20 00:04
Rent ? Uncertain
Gender all genders ?
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I am a 27-year-old living in a 1LDK apartment near Umeda.
We are creating this recruitment listing in the hope that we can provide a place to stay for short periods of time, such as a few months to six months, for people who are struggling to find somewhere to stay.
We will decide whether or not to provide the service after hearing your circumstances, but if you are in any trouble, please feel free to contact us.
So far, there have been about three people who have lived together, found work, and left.
There will be no fee, but we may take a photo of your ID as collateral in case of theft, etc.
Also, we would appreciate it if people who are too far older than us and people who are minors would refrain from applying.
We would also be very grateful if you could take the initiative in helping with household chores such as cleaning, laundry, and cooking.
Of course, we would be happy to share the responsibilities, taking into consideration your circumstances and experience.
Osaka Station is within walking distance, there is a convenience store 30 seconds away and a supermarket 5 minutes away, so I think it is a fairly convenient location.
I have also lived in Australia and can speak a little English.