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☆彡 Share house for women (5 rooms in total) ☆彡

No.233393 Have Room
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Nickname ? Jun-aeon
Region ? Chiba Chuoh
Stations nearby
新京成線 北習志野
新京成線 高根木戸
東葉高速線 北習志野
東葉高速線 船橋日大前
Date posted 2024/08/08 11:05
If ads is edited? ? Edited from initial post
2024/05/19 22:49
Rent ? 26000 yen (per month)
Gender Female only ?
Contact ?

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[Recruitment room]
2nd floor, 6-tatami Western-style room (with storage)
☆彡Share house information video (shared space)/YouTube
■All rooms (5 rooms)/Rent (Rent/Communications, Water, Gas, and Electricity Fees, Shared Maintenance Fees)
① 2nd floor / 10-tatami Western-style room (walk-in closet, balcony) / 39,000 yen
② 2nd floor / 6-tatami Western-style room (with small closet and bookshelf) x 2 rooms / 36,000 yen *Currently recruiting
③ 2nd floor / 4.5 tatami Japanese-style room (closet) / 26,000 yen
④ 1st floor / 2 6 tatami Japanese-style rooms (with private entrance, kitchen, and appliances) / 43,000 yen
*If you work from home 4 days or more a week, an additional electricity fee of 3,000 yen/month will be charged.
*If you are away for more than half the month, you will receive a discount of 5,000 to 13,000 yen (contract conditions: contract for 3 months or more)
◾️All rooms have locks
◾️Fingerprint authentication key for entrance
◾️Key money/deposit: None
◾️Contract period: 1 month and up
◾️Identification: Required (passport, driver's license, student ID, etc.)
◾️ Guarantor: Not required
◾️Cohabitants allowed (up to 1 person): Additional fee: 10,000 yen *Children aged 12 or under (elementary school students) are not eligible (free)
◾️Pets allowed (small dogs, cats, small animals)
◾️ Dedicated bicycle
◾️Additional Facilities
Air conditioner, lighting, curtains, electric fan, desk, chair, clothesline, full-length mirror, bedding set, electric kettle, indirect lighting, humidifier
◾️Shared facilities, etc.
TV (55 inch), refrigerator (320 liters), washing machines (2 units), gas range (3 burners), microwave, toaster oven, electric kettle, cooking utensils and tableware, Wi-Fi, bicycles (1 per person)
◾️NETFLIX, free drinks (tea, Japanese tea, coffee)
・20 minutes walk (7 minutes by bicycle) to Funabashi Nihon University Station on the Toyo Rapid Line
・10 minutes by bus (10 minutes by bicycle) to Kita-Narashino Station on the Toyo Rapid Line/Shin-Keisei Line
・2 minutes walk to Shin-Keisei Bus stop "Karimai"
◾️Nearby facilities
・Post office/3 minutes walk
・Big-A/5 minutes walk
・Family Mart/5 minutes walk
・LAWSON/6 minutes walk
・Bamiyan/5 minutes walk
・Hotto Motto/3 minutes walk
・Co-op/10 minutes walk
・DAISO/5 minutes by bicycle
・Fukutaro Pharmacy/5 minutes by bicycle
・Keiyo Day Two/6 minutes by bicycle
・AEON Mall/10 minutes by bicycle
・Dental clinic: 2 within 5 minutes walk
・Furuwakama Elementary School/5 minutes walk
・Furukawa Kindergarten/6 minutes walk
・Narashino Daini Nursery School/1km
・Andersen Nursery School/1km
・Hibari Nursery School/1.1km
・Monthly parking lot/1 minute walk from the share house (managed by another company)
・Address registration possible
・Cable installation possible
・Home garden
Cleaning of common areas is the responsibility of the owner
☆Sharehouse guide video (common space)/YouTube
☆Please feel free to contact us by email for viewings or questions.

Have Room ダイニング
Have Room 個室
Have Room 玄関
Have Room 風呂
Have Room 個室
Have Room 個室
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