Waseda, Shinjuku-ku⭐No down payment or guarantor⭐Available for short and long term use

No.233630 Guesthouse
Single Room Single Room Available
Smoking non-smoking
Guesthouse ? gurīnhouse 戸山
Region ? Tokyo Shinjuku
Stations nearby
Date posted 2024/09/24 23:51
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2024/07/11 23:51
Rent ? 42000 yen (per month)
Gender all genders ?
Contact ?

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Update date: 2024 / 06 / 05

★6 minutes walk from Wakamatsu-Kawada Station, 9 minutes walk from Waseda Station
★6 minutes walk from Akebonohashi Station on the Shinjuku Line

It's easy to move in! It's easy to leave the room!
Of course, the cost is low!
The strength of cleanliness and cheapness!
All rooms are private rooms and are comfortably and cleanly managed!

円42,000 for a semi-single room
円52,000 for a single room
Foreigners can also move in! (Consultation required, residence status required)
※ "All rooms will incur the initial cost ""Cleaning 11,000 yen (tax included)"" at the beginning."
※ The basic contract is 3 months. The extension is free of charge.
※ Management fee: 円18,000 (water, gas, electricity, internet included)
※ You need to prepare the futon yourself.

Short-term contracts of less than 3 months are also possible!
[Single room example]
Rent (42,000 yen)
Administrative expenses (18,000 yen)
Short-term fee (10,000 yen)
Monthly usage fee: 70,000 yen
The usage fee is about 2,333 yen per day!!!!
※ You need to prepare the futon yourself.

⭐ The janitor patrols to maintain cleanliness and safety.
⭐ If a customer is found to be a hygiene problem, the administrator will solve the problem.

⭐No security deposit, no security deposit, no guarantor required
⭐ All rooms have smart keys, so it's safe.
⭐ Security cameras are installed in each area, so you can feel safe in terms of security.
⭐ It is equipped with digestive and fire alarms.

⭐ Enterprise 1Gbps Internet.
⭐ All rooms are equipped with air conditioners and refrigerators.
⭐ Each floor, men's and women's hot water washing toilets and shower rooms are provided.
⭐ There are vending machines and coin laundry in the facility.
⭐Smoking rooms are provided outdoors.

[Contact Us]
Line ID : zparkx (http://line.naver.jp/ti/p/nVQdb_bjUe)
Phone : 080 - 8109 - 8399
FAX : 03 - 5996 - 2280
EMAIL : grhouse.biz@gmail.com

Google Map : https://g.page/GreenHouseManager?share
HomePage : http://www.gr-house.jp

Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
Guesthouse 個室
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