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大崎 恵比寿 渋谷 新宿 池袋 板橋 十条 赤羽 北赤羽 浮間舟渡 戸田公園 戸田 北戸田 武蔵浦和 中浦和 南与野 与野本町 北与野 大宮
2024/07/16 16:22
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

2024/05/11 18:10
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

It is a completely private room and there are no initial costs, move-out costs, deposits or guarantees. It's cheap. It is close to Shoto, Tokyu Main Store, and Daikanyama, and is a convenient location with many shops and cafes. There is one vacancy right now. Please come and take a look around! A...


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