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2023/02/11 10:23
Single Room non-smoking

It is a shared house that is an 8-minute walk from Mizonokuchi Station, which has convenient access to Shibuya / Shinjuku and Yokohama / Kawasaki. All rooms are equipped with private rooms, air conditioners, storage, and beds, so you can live without furniture.

―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――― + Fully furnished + Covered bicycle parking space (bicycle / moped (125cc) can be parked) + High speed internet (light) + With a delivery box that is convenient for mail order + With garden (gardening, cultivable) + 5 minutes walk to convenience store / superm...

2023/02/08 13:58
Single Room non-smoking

This is Kana from Social House in Kyoto Sanjo☆ Good news for those new to share houses! It is a completely private room for one person in each room with a very small number of people (up to 4 people) (^ ^) Sometimes you can interact in the dining room, and sometimes you can spend your private tim...

2023/02/07 18:29
Single Room non-smoking

My name is Shibata from Mibu House! Recommended for beginners of share houses! We do not specialize in anything (music, pictures, photos, etc ...), so anyone can feel free to live and spread the exchange at their own pace! People in their early twenties to mid thirties (students to working people...


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