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2024/02/08 11:55
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Hello ☺ Thank you for visiting this page. We are looking for people to share 2 rooms (12 tatami mats, 7.2 tatami mats) in 4LDK which is 10 to 15 minutes by bicycle from Tobu Nikko Minami-Kurihashi Station (2.7km). You can go from Minami-Kurihashi to Shibuya with one train. It's the first station ...

2024/02/04 08:47

I often go abroad. I often open my room, but sometimes I go home. I would like to rent it out for a day, whether it's just when I'm free or for other times. The room is 1R, but there is a bed, sofa, and two places to sleep. The recommended points are that it's in a high place, so the view is ...


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