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2022/11/26 12:29
Single Room non-smoking

☆About 11 minutes on foot to Ogikubo ☆About 9 minutes on foot to Nishiogikubo ☆ About 30 minutes on foot to Kichijoji ●It is an access point that is just right for going around Tokyo! For example... by train 1. About 10 minutes to Shinjuku 2. About 16 minutes to Shibuya 3. About 16 minutes to Ike...

2022/11/25 12:54
Single Room non-smoking

About a 20-minute walk from Honjo Station (1.6km) and Honjo Waseda Station (1.9km). 4 minutes walk from the bus stop. All-electric 5LLDDKK two-family house. 5.25 tatami mats (¥25,000), 9 tatami mats (¥45,000) on the 1st floor, and 2 rooms of 5.5 tatami mats (¥30,000 each) on the 2nd floor, I woul...


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