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01/16 23:16
Mizue Machiya
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Toei Shinjuku Line “Mizue” station, which may not be very familiar to you, is a very convenient city when you get off, with many convenient shops such as supermarkets.
A safe road with a sidewalk from the station to the site.
The brand new streets are well-organized and the sky is very wide and op …
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01/13 15:13
Single Room non-smoking


事務手数料更新料、礼金敷金、共益費管理費、クリーニング清掃代、入居費入会費、鍵交換費、家具代、保険料、保証料などなど余計な諸費用は不要のトータルリーズナブルなシェアハウス。洗濯機・浴室シャワー・インターネットなどもコイン不要。お預かりする保証金(ドミトリー5千円・個室 …
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