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01/22 16:27
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

It will be a ladies share house that is a 2-minute walk to JR Hyogo Station.
The size is about 6 tatami mats in one room.
With air conditioner, 2-door refrigerator, closet, lighting, and bed.
There is a bathroom and shower room, and electricity, gas, water, and internet are included! (Indoor elec …

01/20 12:16
Single Room non-smoking
Male only

Men-only renovation
7 minutes walk from Hankyu Tsukaguchi station! 15 minutes walk from JR Tsukaguchi station!
Share house ☆
Property comment
→ The private room is a Japanese-style room and a cute space based on white.
With full renovation, all the water surroundings have been newly installed.

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12/02 16:43
Single Room non-smoking

☆ Incheon / Gender mixed share house
10 minutes walk from Incheon Station
・ 2 stories, 9 rooms in total
・ The room is 4.5 to 6 tatami mats
・ LDK15 tatami mat
・ Equipped with shower, kitchen, refrigerator, microwave oven, oven, washing machine, wi-fi
・ Each room is equipped with air conditioner …
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