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2023/05/11 20:31
Single Room non-smoking

Gather people who want to move to Okinawa! This is a share house room near Kokusai Dori. Only available to share members for at least one month. Although it is near the main street Kokusai-dori, public market, and bus center in Naha city, It is in a luxurious location surrounded by the greenery o...

2023/05/07 13:29
little cabin
Single Room non-smoking

■C type room is now available! ★15000~ ■ 1 minute walk from Monorail Gibo Station! ■ Convenience store in 5 minutes on foot! ■ Kokusai Street in 20 minutes by bicycle! ■In June 2021, the kitchen, toilet, shower room, and all rooms have been newly renovated! It's beautiful! ■The owner is renovati...

2023/04/04 23:06
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Inquiry → Tamaki Thank you for visiting. It is a share house with furniture and home appliances. No troublesome screening, no guarantor, no deposit required! Welcome foreigners and technical interns Accept Intern Trainee It is also possible to see the actual interi...

*No smoking indoors About the owner I am from Okinawa Prefecture. A woman in her 30s who loves traveling abroad

2023/03/20 09:25
Single Room non-smoking

It will be a completely private room and a shared house with a key. Fun for men and women in their early 20s to mid 30s I live in a share house ( ^ω^ ) Completely private room, each room is equipped with new air conditioner We also emphasize private space with a key. The parking lot will also be ...


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