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2022/09/30 23:05
Single Room non-smoking


Address: Kameya-cho, Shenpon Nakatachiuli, Kamigyo-Ku, Kyoto. Rooms: 7 mat X 5rooms

2022/09/26 20:41
Single Room non-smoking

Chinese, 25 years old this year Hobbies: Making Chinese food Still playing games ID required, if you have a company work certificate or a car license, you can move in on the day, Divided charges: electricity, gas, water internet free Shared furniture: Refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, gas...

2022/09/12 17:27
Single Room non-smoking

⭐︎ Beautiful share house OPEN in Fukuchiyama ⭐︎ We have completely renovated a Japanese house that was originally vacant in a rural area of Fukuchiyama City, Kyoto Prefecture! ️ So it's shiny inside It ’s a big house with 6LDK, We have a small share house with 3-4 people because we want you to l...

2022/07/24 21:46
Single Room non-smoking

Share house can be a stimulating exchange of information entrepreneurs to each other in everyday "entrepreneur share house" was OPEN to Kyoto Following the Tokyo! For the special campaign, all of the rent of 56000 yen 99000 monthly 10000 yen OFF!

Soon even the students who will soon want to entrepreneurs from annual sales of 5 billion scale of the veteran manager of the 40s, a wide range of people have gotten tenants! [Current tenants, tenants prospective list] ★ veteran managers who raised the company to annual sales of 5 billion (travel...


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