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01/27 16:52
Single Room non-smoking

Hello! I'm Sugi, in charge of this house.

I want to work on the SDGs together with someone.
I want to be kind to the natural environment and myself.
We are looking for people who want to challenge the SDGs they are thinking about.

We are looking for people who want to challenge the SDGs …

01/26 08:17
Single Room non-smoking

* Aichi share house roommates are being recruited *
We operate 8 share houses in Aichi prefecture. Share Nagoya.
Private rooms for all properties
Separate toilet and bath
Can move in immediately
Please consider a share house that is more fun, cheaper, and has home appliances than living alone.

01/24 11:23
Single Room non-smoking

Feel free to contact us!
Near by: SUNNY, AEON, convenience stores, restaurants, drug stores, and a park where you can run.
Hello, I am from Korea!
(Japanese, Korean, English are fluent)
1 washroom
1 shower
2 toilets
1 kitchen
The room is air-conditioned.

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01/20 15:17
Single Room non-smoking

I am a manager [44] who runs four companies in Tokyo and Kanagawa.
We are engaged in real estate, distribution, public relations, financial industry, etc.
Creating unearned income from the office worker era
We also have that know-how and a lot of investment and failure experience.
Failur …
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01/20 11:45
Single Room non-smoking

★★★★★ New Life Support Campaign ★★★★★
For those who signed the contract within February, March and April of Reiwa 4th year
We offer a 10,000 yen discount on rent for 6 months.
Don't miss this chance
This share house is also welcomed by short-term residents (min …
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01/16 16:02
Shu House
Single Room non-smoking

It is a two-story 4LDK detached house.
All four rooms have two windows, so you can enjoy the view and daylight.
Although it is small, it also has a garden, so feel free to use it.
There are two parking lots (available for 5,000 yen per car per month).
In 2021, the interior of the kitchen, living …

01/05 15:01
Single Room non-smoking
Female only

Only1-minute walk from Tofukuji Station, which has two lines, the JR Nara Line and the Keihan Line!
It is one station to Kyoto Station and three stations to Gion Shijo.
Although it is a female-only guesthouse, we decided to rent it as a shared room!
Double room (bunk bed dormitory) 20000 yen / mo …

12/17 10:50
Single Room non-smoking

Gather people who want to move to Okinawa!
This is a share house room near Kokusai Dori.
Only available to share members for at least one month.
Although it is near the main street Kokusai-dori, public market, and bus center in Naha city,
It is in a luxurious location surrounded by the greenery …
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12/14 15:20
nachure屋 本館
Single Room non-smoking
Temporary moderated (Caution)
12/10 14:25
Single Room Male only

It is a single house.
There is a big persimmon tree in the garden
Currently, one man lives.
We will rent a 6 tatami Japanese-style room on the east side of the 2nd floor.
There is quite a space for storage.
As the owner, I do not live.
It takes about 15 minutes to walk from Abiko station.
Ren …
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