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2023/09/29 11:29
Single Room non-smoking

Thank you for visiting. I used to live with my 29-year-old daughter, 25-year-old son, and two small dogs, but now that my eldest son is starting to live on his own, a 6-tatami room will become available. . Foreigners are welcome. I might even get an address in Minato Ward. The night view overlook...

2023/09/01 20:35
Single Room non-smoking

--------------------- ■ Track record of job change support ①30 year old female Introduced and hired 2 full-time employees Take home 160,000 → 200,000 + side business + remote provision ②22-year-old female From nutritionist to secretary to the president of a famous cosmetics company Take-home pay ...

One woman left at the end of October 2023 (reasons: overtime & commuting distance) Recruitment will be posted again from the end of October or November 1st. A 22-year-old female share mate came from Fukuoka with only a bag in March. After moving in, she helped change jobs to the president's s...


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