[ 30000 yen (per month) ] Cheap share house in Okinawa

No.230839 シェアハウス/ゲストハウス
個室 個室が提供できます
喫煙/禁煙 禁煙
シェアハウス ? KAWASE
地域 ? 沖縄県
投稿日 2023/04/13 14:00
家賃 ? 30000 円 (月額)
性別 すべての性別 ?
連絡先 ?


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In a private room at Park Avenue in Okinawa City
Cheap share house for 30,000 yen per month!

Equipment is bed, pole hanger, hanger, desk, chair only
I will prepare

Would you like to prepare your own futon?
We will prepare it here for a fee.

No security deposit key money
No commission
WI-FI included
Utilities included
Resident's card registration possible

Aspiring people gather here, so you might even make friends who are conscious about it! ?
A lot of interaction!
Residents are in a state of drinking every day in the living room!
talk, go to events together,
They seem to get along very well!
International exchange events such as parties, beach activities, and BBQs are held once a month!

I used to share rooms all over the country,
The place where there is a lot of interaction is memorable!

The location is Park Avenue in Okinawa City!
There are skateboarding grounds and FM Koza nearby.
Community Radio Stations, Libraries,
There are also many stylish cafes and bars.

The rent of 30,000 yen may seem suspicious because it is too cheap,
It's not Naha city, so it's just cheaper

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It seems that it was decided by us

It is a highly recommended share house.
Please contact us

地域: 東京都 葛飾区
家賃: 32800 円
沖縄県那覇市 ☆栄..
地域: 沖縄県
家賃: 32000 円